Thursday, March 5, 2009

celebrating the credibility crunch

Excellent financial news today as UK car sales results for February show another major nose dive. Hopefully March will be even worse; March is usually the best car sales month of the year.

This news should be good for childhood Asthma rates, and the unacceptable deaths caused by cars. Unfortunately now people will be driving around in polluting and dangerous scrap heaps; used car sales went up 12% last month. This is partly why Germany is paying people to buy new cars. However, the only real solution is for the internal combustion engine to be banned as being too dangerous, like people said when the stinky killer machines were first invented.

It is also great to see ITV doing so badly, hopefully they will go bankrupt sooner rather than later. ITV don't deserve a bail out as the Daily Mail is already demanding. ITV's awful programmes like Emmerdale and the endless junk ads are just too bad to save.

More good news pouring in - condom sales are up massively because people are making love more, or at least having more protected sex of some kind or other, instead of drinking themselves to death in pub's, eating crap at over priced crud restaurant's, and ending up back home watching ITV, feeling too sick for anything.

schmoo's credibility crunch package to restart britain

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