Sunday, March 8, 2009

sun soap adultery ends marriage in domestic argument

Here at the safe house we are not very interested in idle gossip about the misfortunes of others, except once in a while if it is really good, but this is fair dues, especially as it is not in The Sun:

Shock! Horror! Divorce court proceedings have revealed that in October 2006 beautiful Sun editor Rebecca Wade 40 [pictured left], discovered evidence that her husband, the hunky actor Ross Kemp 44, who played Grant Mitchell in East Enders, was having a steamy affair with another woman, but not another man. The court heard how in a tense and emotional scene, sexy Sun girl Rebecca confronted her virile husband with the evidence, but he broke down like a child and admitted everything. To the shock of neighbours, Wade then stormed out of the house in a fury, and bitterly swore to friends that she would never return.

In 2005 the editor of The Sun was arrested for alleged husband beating.
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