Sunday, March 8, 2009

telegraph hacked - 700,000 users passwords compromised

Above: The property section of the Telegraph website has been forced off line by hackers from Romania.

The passwords of 700,000 users of the Daily Telegraph Tory site have also been compromised but the Telegraph is still not warning them.

The Romanian group, HackersBlog has posted what they claim is evidence of Telegraph users password details. As 61% of internet users use the same password for everything this could spell disaster for a lot of people.

However, before anyone has a heart attack, (Torygraph readers tend to be older), this looks like it could be a non-criminal hack in which the hacker seeks credibility for the achievement rather than your cash.

This type of hacking is actually very useful as it warns incompetent ignorant people like the Daily Telegraph, who want to profit from the inter-net, but do not really understand the inter-web, to get their act together before real damage is done.

UPDATE - Telegraph geek says "thank you" to hackers.

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