Saturday, March 28, 2009

put people first march flops

They were marching today in London supposedly to 'Put People First' [above], but despite claims of up to 150,000 people on liar sites like indymedia, the people did not turn up. The marchers pictured above were the most organised crew - and they were from Belgium! The march was an embarrassing flop supported by perhaps two thousand people at the most, when up to 80,000 were expected. There were almost more people waiting for a bus [below] than on the straggly protest, which seemed to be more about selling Socialist Worker than anything else. As most people know, Socialist Worker is run by M15 to discredit the Left, and make people vote Boring.

Later a few more people turned up well late to hear a load of crap speeches from small minds in the freezing cold like the total masochists they must be. The Independent says 35,000 ... or is that how few readers they have now? What a waste of time. The left in Britain is virtually extinct, and what is left is now almost as stupid as the right, and just as capable of totalitarianism - and total lies.

shit for fake anarchists

Next on the agenda [April 1/2] are some fake "anarchists", mostly government dole recipients, who are being massively promoted by the Evening Standard. They are being led down the garden path to nowhere by idiots like 'anarchist' Professor Chris Knight. He has publicly supported the plan to string up effigies of bankers from lamp posts. This sounds more like what fascists would do than anarchists. Chris Knight later gave a very weak defence after he was justifiably suspended from teaching young people. Security at the safe house will be at maximum alert this week; if any anarcho-fascist lynch mobbers try to use our street's lamp posts for executions they will find themselves covered in real human shit (to go with themselves).

The police are to use 50,000 volt tazor guns on violent trouble makers at the G20 demos. This might seem like good news, but if they kill someone it will be the excuse for every petty crook and shop looter and a lot of very pissed off credit crunched shopaholics to go on a massive rampage like they did in Greece - then we will need an IMF Bailout for sure.

UPDATE: The 35,000 figure being quoted by the Independent and other media whore organisations comes from the police who in most cases correctly estimate less than the often self deluding or just plain dishonest organisers of demos. In this case it seems the police felt they had to put out a higher number to justify the massive cost of policing the event to the public. Usually demo organisers dispute the police estimates - but in this rare case there has not been a murmur of dissent at the massive over estimate of numbers officially put out to the press.


charlesdance said...

"supported by perhaps two thousand people at the most"

This is nonsense.

schmoo said...

yes, but nonsense makes the world go round