Sunday, March 8, 2009

hunting and shooting progress in afganistan - none

US soldier poses with a dead Afghani man in the hills of Afghanistan [photo obtained by Wikileaks].

Wikileaks claims it has cracked the encryption password to a key Pentagon document relating to the war in Afghanistan.

Perhaps optimistically, the password chosen by the Pentagon was the word 'progress'. An ex SAS commander in Afghanistan, who resigned in protest at the way the war is being fought, has just described the current military operation as "worthless" and compared it to the war in Vietnam.

Here at the safe house supporting the defence of the majority of Afghan people, including education for Afghan girls, and women's rights, as well as defending ourselves against the spread of dangerous religious fundamentalism is a no-brainer. For the same reasons the Pope should definitely not be allowed into Britain.

Wikileaks seem to be making a big deal about these Pentagon documents, but they just seem to be outlining a reasonable approach to defeating a bunch of murdering religious zealots, by using education and propaganda, rather than just guns and bombs, which never seem to work on their own, if at all. Seems a good idea to try more peaceful methods.

OK so the documents show that Jordon 'secretly' has four men in Afghanistan, hardly a huge surprise, except that there are supposedly so few. Jordon has colluded with the torturing CIA for years.

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