Wednesday, March 18, 2009

London G20: don't panic; prepare for the worst possible outcome

This very cool commentator [videos above & below] says 'Don't Panic' and then proceeds to give some very good reasons to be scared enough to start hoarding food and other emergency supplies. He also describes how buried in the agenda for the G20 meeting are proposals which amount to world government though something wierd called the Financial Stability Forum. This might be the only way to prevent the global collapse of civilization into one giant Somalia, but don't panic, it is never going to work. Here at the schmoo safehouse we are reinforcing our defences and wondering who our local war lord will be.

As you may know April [next month] starts with April 1st, which is 'April Fools Day'. This year is going to be especially foolish, especially in London with the G20 meeting, and thousands of riot tourists from all over Europe, taking advantage of the low pound, and looting opportunities. The chances of there not being some kind of very stupid violence is almost zero. It seems the Evening Standard and Daily Mail are organising publicity as usual for the anarchist 'black block' and the Climate Camp eco-nazies, marginalising them as a bunch of self indulgent and hysterical idiots, which in fact they mostly are.

"Lock Down" for London during G20 meetings.

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