Tuesday, March 24, 2009

gordon brown gets a right rich tory party kicking


Members of the Tory Fan Club For Rich People over at our very Rich Tory informer's blog Guido Fawkes [named after the traitor to democracy Guy Fawkes] are having premature ejaculations about the admittedly fairly brilliant piece of Brown Baiting [above video] by right wing Rich Tory MEP Daniel Hannan today.

The Rich Tories are even glowingly comparing the Hannan tirade to Enoch Powell's racist 'Rivers of Blood' speech which sparked dispicable racial attacks all over Britain.

As the Tory Party is with out a shadow of a doubt the party for nasty rich people, they are against any support Gordon Brown can muster for the true wealth creators - the unfortunate wage slaves who do all the actual work. Being so much richer than everyone else these Rich Tories think they will be able to ride out the bad times while everyone else is suffering.

Usually they would be right. The disgustingly rich usually do well in bad times for everyone else, but without massive government intervention which the Rich Tories are ideologically opposed to because it helps poor people, this time things could be very different.

The number of billionaires worldwide has gone down from 1,225 to 793 in the last year according to Forbes, and their combined wealth has dropped from $4.4 trillion to just $2.4 trillion.

This is what the Rich Tory Party do not understand about Brown - he knows exactly how serious this is. He knows we are all just four meals away from the worst kind of anarchy imaginable; much worse than any Daily Mail article. What would you do after you have not eaten for 48 hours and Tesco's has already been looted?

One day, after a lot of wasted days have passed, and a great deal of stupidity, slavery will finally be repealed, and everyone will be free. Even the sad rich people will be free, and they will find they are actually happier living in close knit, loving families and communities, working as hunter gathers and 'techno peasants', growing food, rebuilding the Internet and the National Health Service.

That is of course if they survive the crazy lynch mobs in the Euro Zone food riots, and the following Dark Years when the world becomes one big Somalia, and crack dealer war lords rule London, with the support of deranged British Army Afgan veterans who got hooked on Taliban smack during the 2009 troop 'surge'.

We risk all of this horror because the Rich Tories want to continue slavery and slag off Gordon Brown while abandoning most of their slaves to mass starvation and homelessness. At least Gordon Brown cares a bit about the slaves. He also knows a Slave Uprising would be a human rights disaster, most likely leading to a totalitarian dictatorship by someone from Essex.

The sickening thing is that David Cameron and his Tory Party For Selfish Rich People just want power so they can bring back Woolworths, and afford an extra gardener, as well as a butler, a cook, and a nanny from Sweden to fuck on the side, while everyone else is considered expendable.

There is just one thing the Rich Tory Party has forgotten - the people they consider expendable will be voting Labour at the next election.

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