Thursday, March 5, 2009

brown bores america

It is so hard to support Gordon Brown, hard as we try. How can someone who revived the 1970's racist 'National Front' slogan 'British Jobs For British Workers', lecture the American Congress on the perils of protectionism?

Not surprisingly Congress did not clap that bit, although there was polite 'rapturous applause' for Browns more sycophantic arse licking 'special relationship' lines. Blair understood the Americans so much better; they like a good joke, but Brown did not have a single one. He would do better in China.

Over all Brown seems to have bored himself off most US media. His 'Global New Deal' sounds like world government, but the only government the Americans want ruling the world is the US government.

Trouble is, a break up of the United States, similar to the break up of the Soviet Union, only far worse, is on the cards. Apparently sales of guns and ammunition in the US have almost reached panic buying proportions, with reports of ammo scarcities, even in Walmart. Sales of firearms in the USA jumped 28.8 percent in Jan 09 compared to Jan 08.

Civilization is only four meals away from the worst kind of anarchy imaginable. There is no doubt we all deserve a new deal; less work and more pay would be good for a start.

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