Monday, June 11, 2007

saudi arabian arms deal: the prince of thieves

Above: 'Prince of Thieves' Bandar of Saudi Pigrabia. Allegedly he has received £1 Billion pounds from British old age pensioners, school children and hospital patients as a commission for a dodgy arms deal with the Ministry of Defence in the 1980's. This guy is an insult to humanity. He deserves to be arrested on sight and thrown into the worst cell in Pentonville Prison along with the child killers, and share a bunk with Maggie Thatcher who signed the corrupt deal in the first place.

The trouble is, despite what ever the Panorama program may imply, the Al Yamamah contract, which was the worst deal in British history, is totally 'legal'. Nevertheless 'Prince of Thieves' Bandar should be refused a visa to Britain on the grounds that he is too boring to be allowed in and also smells like rotting pork. All future payments to him should be stopped - let the little creep sue!

We can't blame Blair because he was stuck with the deal thanks to Thatcher. But, sometimes dirty money is too dirty to accept, and despite the huge costs to Britain which Tony Blair rightly fears, we should still refuse to do any business with Saudia Arabia. In the end we would be better off. Instead we should work to have the corrupt criminal mafia family that rules the country over thrown as soon as possible. Yes this would cost thousands of jobs, and yes perhaps the Saudi Arabians would start supporting terrorist attacks as they have threatened in the most despicable way, like the low life gangsters they really are. If this happens Britain should treat them in the same way as the Taliban in Afghanistan. This would be a much easier task, as unlike the Taliban the Saudis are too cowardly to fight - all they can do is beat up women.

Above: 'Prince of Thieves' Bandar - a coward and not a gentleman.

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