Wednesday, January 23, 2008

us election: barack obama comes second in youtube primary vote

BARACK OBAMA's recent 34-minute address from Ebenezer Baptist Church is currently the second most viewed video on YouTube, beaten by 'Britney Spears and Adnan are OVER!!!!'. He has also been voted the second most "favorited" video, and is getting the second highest number of incoming links.

The trouble is, if Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination it is highly likely that he will end up second in the Presidential Election, just like on YouTube; that's why CNN & Fox TV are supporting him 24/7 against Clinton.

If Barack gets the nomination as they hope, CNN, Fox & co will turn round and do everything they can to destroy him. That's why the more 'experienced' Clinton is the best hope against the Republicans - they have been trying to destroy her for years and they have failed.


"Some argue that blacks should vote for Clinton because Bill was good to us. That's not true. He did the same thing to us that he did to Monica Lewinsky." - Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor at Obama's Chicago church.

Bad joke Rev - did you really mean to imply that Democratic black voters, including yourself, gave Bill Clinton blow jobs? As the always spot on 'Bartcop' notes: "But Pastor Jeremiah, why did you perform oral sex on Bill Clinton? If you're going to make a that charge - you need to show us your blue dress".

However well he talks, Barack Obama is the best candidate the Democrats have - for losing the White House to the Republiklan Party yet again.


Lee Griffin said...

Hmm, let's see about this...

On every poll Obama AND Edwards outstrip Clinton in terms of ability to beat the republican candidates, with McCain being the only Republican that has a hope of winning the Whitehouse.

schmoo said...

hmmm, good point, but while the polls may be saying that at the moment, things could be very different for Obama if he actually wins the nomination and the big right wing media guns turn on him. They will use paid assassins, cruise missiles, poison gas, and even go nuclear. At the moment they are supporting him against Clinton.

Lee Griffin said...

It would certainly be unknown. While it's clear that Hillary is too republican for swing voters to change their vote away from the Republican side of things, Obama seems to capture some of that vote. Would the right be able to assassinate his character enough without further alienating those swing voters? In all honesty you're probably right, but I'd hate to see what they could do to Hillary with so much background to pick on.