Monday, January 21, 2008

how to avoid doing tax returns: VAT free games

Here are some doing tax return avoidence strategies:

• Do all the washing up, remembering to rinse everything.
• Clear out the basement/attic/car boot/under the bed.
• Play the free US 'Election Game' all afternoon.
• Ring up tax office and say you are like Peter Hain and don't have time for paper work.
• Use the Biblical Curse Generator to write a long letter of complaint about everything to Gordon Brown.
• Launder everything, including any spare cash (it could have super bug germs on it).
• Take drugs and go to a prostitute - all VAT tax free thanks to prohibition.
• Waste some time trying to cheer yourself up using the Automatic Flatterer.
• Ring up Top Shop owner Phillip Green and ask him how he avoids paying any tax at all, despite being one of the richest men in Britain, worth an estimated £5 billion.

• Thanks to Dirty Leftie for the 'Election Game' tip, and Pickled Politics for the 'Bible Curse Generator' and 'Automatic Flatterer' links.

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