Thursday, January 17, 2008

we love cops: support the police march, 23 Jan

15,000 off duty policemen from all over Britain are set to stage a protest march through central London, organised by the Police Federation, on Wednesday 23 Jan.

The police people, who are protesting against a disappointing pay offer from the government, which renegaded on a previous deal, will march from Park Lane to Millbank, assembling 10:30, moving off 11:30, finishing at 15:00.

Apparently some idiots do not support the police, and plan a juvenile 'Boo a Bobby' counter demonstration outside the Home Office. Police may be required.

Here at the schmoo safe house we support the police 100% in their struggle; we love and respect the cops.

All freedom loving people should support the police because:

1. Crime is one of the greatest forms of oppression and especially effects poorer sections of society who deserve to be protected. We need the police to do this difficult task, they should be very well paid and given all the resources required to do the job.

2. Upholding the Rule of Law is the only way to ensure even a modicum of justice. We need the police to protect society from tyranny.

3. Such is the nature of the world that if the institutions, business's and individuals in a freedom loving society are not protected they will be robbed, raped and pillaged by the enemies of freedom; selfish bastards, corrupt corporations & eco criminals. We need the police to stop the people who selfishly just want to take what ever they want by exploiting others, regardless of the consequences.

4. Arguments, accidents, freak outs, lost people, violence in hospitals, and 'domestics' often end up serious enough to require police help and/or intervention. We need the police to be the strong arm of the social services.

5. Murders happen. We need the police to be well trained and well paid, and therefore well prepared, to track down the dangerous and demented souls who for what ever reason, violently target others.

6. Even demonstrations by police people need policing. The sacred right to protest is rightly protected at vast cost to tax payers - by the police. Without a strong police presence at demonstrations, industrial disputes and riots, the freedom to protest would be lost to violent confrontation between opposing fractions. Bully boy tactics and intimidation of members of the public by extremists both left and right can also be prevented thanks to the police.

Better to have police people who are well paid, than even one bent cop. Better to have an efficient professional police force and the rule of law and justice, than mob rule and the rule of gangs and criminal 'war lords'.

Better to have democracy (however flawed), protected and upheld (by the police & ultimately the army), to having bogus 'people's committee's' run by self proclaimed 'revolutionaries' after the collapse of civilised society.

Above: poster for the police march and rally, featuring the current Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith as 'Jacq the Rip off'.

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