Thursday, January 31, 2008

tax crash: assessment deadline extended

Above: schmoo was saved a £100 fine today thanks to the HM Revenue & Customs website crashing down as thousands of people tried to make the official deadline for getting in their 'self assessment' forms in and pay their taxss.

Because of this the wonderful tax people have decided to extend the deadline by 24 hours!

Here at the schmoo 'safe house', being keen tax payers (as long as we don't pay what we don't owe), we've been up all night fiddling with the brilliant spreadsheet application available free in 'Google Docs', and looking for lost receipts, bus tickets, anything ...

At 8 in the morning we rang the tax office to plea for a extension. They were very nice but said the deadline was "Set in Stone" and there was nothing they could do. But not long later their site went down ... thank you who ever pulled the plug.

Last year schmoo had loads of problems filling in the tax forms being dyslexic and semi autistic, not to mention totally slack like Peter Hain. However the tax people were really helpful. We ended up paying almost nothing, despite the price of all those cruise missiles they brought for us to shoot at nasty non UK tax payers.

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