Tuesday, January 15, 2008

gordon brown hits nuclear button for budget meter britain but fusion is the future

Above: Everything can be all right. The future could be great.

Gordon Brown's recent announcement backing nuclear power could put the recent government £57 billion bail out of Northern Rock look like petty cash. Up to ten stations could be built; that's ten massive electricity bills adding up to billions.

Browns 'high tech' nuclear power stations will create the most expensive electricity bills in British History. Basically they are crude steam engines using heat generated from a nuclear reactor, which creates highly toxic waste that has to be looked after for 250 thousand years.

Interesting that Gordon Brown's brother, Andrew Brown, is head of media relations for the French-owned energy company EDF, the world's largest nuclear operator which announced plans to build four new nuclear power stations in the UK, immediately after the Prime Minister hit the nuclear button.

Meanwhile, everyone in Brown Britain may be forced to use the dreaded 'Budget Meter' by the time the bills are paid. Already used by 'sub primers' all over the country, the 'Budget Meter' cuts off the electricity supply with out mercy when a pre pay key runs out. A good example of 'double think', the 'Budget' meter is in fact the most expensive way of purchasing electricity (but is good in shared hovels to avoid arguments over huge quarterly bills).

However, while while things may look bad now, in a few years Nuclear Fusion is possible and the EDF nuclear stations will be known as 'Brown Elephants'.

With nuclear fusion all our energy troubles could be over. It could even herald an amazing 'Age of Global Consumer Equality'; everyone will have spare cash to burn on crap.

Sellafield clean up will cost taxpayer 31 billion.

China backs nuclear fusion project


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