Sunday, January 27, 2008

barack obama: yes we can

Above: Barack Obama wins South Carolina by a landslide with more than double the votes that Hilary & Bill Clinton got. He gave another great speech. Every time he speaks he comes across so much better than Hilary Clinton. Are we being too cynical to think he can't get the White House if he wins the nomination? Is Hilary just another Kerry? She is increasingly looking that way, and she comes with a lot of old baggage, including massive financial backing by the pharmaceutical corporations. There is defiantly a huge surge for change in America. They are sick to death of being ripped off. And like Obama says, they can't afford to wait another four years for a decent heath service and real change.

Here at the schmoo 'safehouse', like billions of others worldwide we are just watching on the sidelines, as they have yet to give us the vote in the 51st state (Britain). We are hoping for the best for the much abused American people, and the best is looking like Obama. It would be fantastic if he was President, because he really would be the President of the United States - not the United Vested Interests.

"Yes We Can" would be the victory of what Barack rightly calls "the most diverse coalition in America for decades."

Being a cynical Londoner however, all schmoo can say right now is "Perhaps they can" and hope for the best. What ever happens we don't want to have to put up with seeing yet another Republican robber president everyday on the BBC. Anything, including Hilary Clinton, is better than that.

but Bluegal is sounding unusually bitter today, and she probably speaks for a fair few.

but ... the Kennedy's are backing Obama

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