Friday, January 25, 2008

reject: no more respect for george galloway

Above: Professional big mouth George Galloway is to stand for a seat in the London Assembly in yet another attempt to avoid getting a real job. Sadly he is likely to be successful, as he needs just five per cent of the cross-London vote to take a seat at City Hall. But Galloway may be running out of friends. In recent years he has managed to be thrown out of the Labour Party, thrown out of Respect, thrown out of Parliament, thrown out of the anti war movement and divorced by his wife. The only people who like him seem to be right wing islamofacists who want sharia law in Brick Lane, and relatives of Saddam Hussein. Perhaps his new party should be called 'Reject'.

To be fair to George Galloway he does deserve some respect for joining schmoo in supporting Ken Livingston for mayor. He also has a good explanation of what he is up to on the guardian 'comment is free' site. Maybe he has learned something from his Respect experience - after all anyone who falls out with the vile SWP and the corrupt 'anti war' movement must have some good in them.

Galloway is now claiming he has not split from Respect - but this announcement remains on the official Respect website.


editorial said...

If you listen to George Galloway on TalkSport radio (he is on 10pm - 1am every Saturday), you will see he is the true champion of left wing causes.

He deserves the support of all on the left.

The ones who don't like him are the ones responsible for having New Labour being more right wing than Maggie, and also the ones who will likely open the door for the Tories to storm in power at the next General Election.

schmoo said...

Yes, the George Galloway Show on 'TalkSport' is good listening, but to say that New Labour is more right wing than Maggie Thatcher is just plain ignorant.

What about the minimum wage, massive investment in social services, starting house building again, gay marriage rights, Class C for cannabis ... and so much more?

Yes there are critisms; Iraq, loss of some civil liberties, etc etc, but it would have been so much worst without New Labour. And it would have been ordinary working people who paid the price, not the intellectual purist left, and Galloway fan club members.

Yes it looks like the Tories could easily get in again, which would be a disaster. If they do it will be thanks in part to the constant harping by the 'old left' who still seem to be living in the 18th Century.

It was the 'old labour' conservative reactionaries like Galloway who helped keep the Tories in power for 18 years by making Labour unelectable.

However lofty our dreams, if we are really serious about advancing a progressive left agenda, we have to always remember that politics is the art of the possible - not the art of carping on the marginalised sidelines.