Thursday, January 17, 2008

sun editor, nude pictures, union jacks

Above: The parliament channel suddenly became interesting when gorgeous Sun Girl No 1, Rebekah Wade, editor of the best newspaper in Britain, appeared to brighten the proceedings, giving evidence to the House of Lords Communications Committee. What a smasher! This girl must raise union jacks where ever she goes.

Above: While seeming to roll a joint of cannabis, she admitted she liked looking at pictures of naked women. She told a Bishop who raised the issue; "I like Page 3" and complained about being harassed by bitter bully Clare Short, who has campaigned against beautiful naked women for years. She said both male and female Sun readers "loved" the nude pictures of women. When challenged that many people agreed with Clare Short and did not like Page 3 she retorted: "If you want to put on the record that millions of people don't like page three, then I want to put on the record that millions of people do - 7.7 million to be precise." Right on sister! We'd love it if Rebekah appeared on Page 3 that's for sure.

Above: Was that a nice toke? Trying to keep a straight face Rebekah Wade said her boss Rupert Murdoch, the ruler of the world, did not influence editorial decisions and hated the amount of coverage she gives to Big Brother. But interestingly she did say that Murdock called her at 1.30am on the day of the New Hampshire primaries to warn her that the exit polls were wrong (as he had fixed the count). She said she would resign if he asked her to support the Liberal Democrats. What a scorcher! This beautiful British babe could turn winter into summer.

Above: Looks like she is stoned again. In December the Sun's circulation dropped below 3m copies (7.7 million readers), for the first time since 1974, despite cutting its price to 20p in London and the south-east, according to the latest official ABC figures. Although the Sun is now virtually a free sheet, Wade blames the circulation drop on actual free sheets like the 'London Paper' - published by Rupert Murdoch.

• Fact: When Robert Maxwell took over the Mirror newspaper in July 1984 he also took over personal selection of the models for the Mirror's version of 'Page 3' from day one. After Maxwell's disgrace, the Mirror piously gave up 'Page 3', but jumps at any excuse on pages 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc

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