Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the conway con: tories do sleeze better

No matter how hard New Labour tries to do sleaze and be seen as the party of corrupt, money grabbing, 'big business', they always end up looking slack and incompetent in comparison to members of the Tory Party who have double dealing, day light robbery, and sleaziness written into their genetic code.

Peter Hain, the anti apartheid hero, and now ex Labour cabinet minister, recently put in a fairly good effort with his weird 'think tank' which turns out to be totally thoughtless. But his inept money management was hardly the Great Train robbery the anti Labour press, and some bloggers who should know better, have been making out.

Disappointingly, like the French 'rogue trader of the century', it seems Peter Hain was motivated by ego, and did not pocket a penny of the £100 grand in question for himself. What a let down! This is not sleaze; it's just slack.

It looked like Alan Johnson might have been in the running with a 'copy cat' Labour sleaze attempt, but it turns out to be just for a measly £3000, and he even had all his paperwork together. Another big let down; he can't even manage to be slack.

doing the conway con

But now top Tory MP Derek Conway is showing how the professionals do real hard core sleaze; pay your son about 20 times the minimum wage to do absolutely nothing, using tax payers money, and lie about it (allegedly). Now that is sleaze. The police have been called to the Parliament crack house yet again, but for once it won't be a false alarm.

Not surprisingly 'decisive' David Cameron did not have to think long before removing the Tory whip from Conway; after all it was Derek Conway who masterminded David Davis's campaign against Camercon in the Tory Leadership election.

Tory MP arrested for assaulting his own kids.

• Eco Con: 'Bike rider' Tory leader David Cameron claimed more than £1,000 in taxi bills from the taxpayer in 2006. The claim was one of the highest made by any of Westminster's 646 MPs. The highest claim, of nearly £5000, was by a 'liberal'.

Conway son threw 'F**k off I'm rich party'

Derek Conway To Stand Down as MP

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Praguetory said...

'Peter Hain was motivated by ego, and did not pocket a penny of the £100 grand in question for himself'

Are you sure? I certainly hope that the various investigations into him look at this aspect of the matter.