Saturday, December 15, 2007

left, right and U turns @ bali conference

Above: An tree demonstrating itself at the climate change demo in London last weekend (and being ignored). But good news for trees: one of the most positive things to come out of the Bali Conference has been more co ordinated world action on preventing deforestation.

THE BBC are saying the US has done a 'U Turn' at Bali, and Hilary Benn, UK Environment Secretary says it is a 'historic break though', but it could just as easily be spun as a defeat and retreat by the European nations. They face neurotic often hysterical populations, fed by a clinically insane media, and were being forced into publicly advocating an extreme 'eco con' policy: fuel rationing, tax increases and the end to freedom of travel, especially for poor people.

Now the European governments will try to claim victory in defeat, Dunkirk style. They will attempt to strike a high moral and populist pose by doing their best to ensure, behind the scenes, that the the US government, Bush in particular, gets the main blame for blocking agreement on emission targets at the Bali talks.

Meanwhile they will continue to enjoy the economic and political benefits of following the more rational and practical US policy.

This is the only way western governments can see of preventing their hyper consuming, molly coddled populations of TV Ad victims turned into zombiefied failed credit card jugglers, or debt riddled & enslaved shopaholic drug/sugar addicts, from tearing the very fabric of civilisation apart, in an orgy of rioting, looting and endless civil war.

In fact the people of Europe have been saved by the Americans from being forced to give into the climate change hysteria campaign.

Apparently the UN's top climate official Yvo de Boer burst in tears at the Bali Climate Change Conference after being accused by China of procedural irregularities.

• DAILY DISASTER IN INDIA: There are 1000 new cars going on the road in India - every day. Regardless of climate change, this is a daily disaster.

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