Friday, December 21, 2007

americans launch weapons satellite

With the minimum of fanfare the U.S. Air Force launched yet another weapons satellite in a blast off from Cape Canaveral yesterday. It is part of a system of 24 death dealing satellite vultures they plan to have circling over every one's heads 24/7, ready to target anyone, anywhere.

Rest assured: they will be watching at huge cost, while below humanity starves, defaults on it's mortgages, and possibly rips itself to shreds.

The International Herald Tribute reports that the satellites will be obsolete in ten years. This could be so the 'Military Industrial Complex' can continue to prosper by putting up new, 'improved' satellites as their latest, most expensive, update of 'pay to kill' Armageddon.

But why not dream sometimes? Hopefully, in ten years the military satellites will no longer be needed, because war will be obsolete.

The best use of cruise missiles would be to deliver sacks of rice to starving people.

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