Thursday, December 6, 2007

has the green party uk gone sane?

The Green Party UK has finally decided to vote 'yes' to having a proper leadership structure; ie a leadership that actually controls and directs the party structure, and is democratically accountable. The Greens haven't had that for a long time.

The change overthrows a 'non-hierarchical', but in practice oppressive, 'Animal Farm' style system for the Green Party UK. This was supported by the "some greens are more green than other greens" backers of the 'Empowerment' campaign; nice people, but hopelessly loony green.

The 'Empowerment' double think system which has dominated the UK Green Party for so long, actually resulted in a collection of permanent dictatorships. Certain groups and individuals dominated, while hiding behind supposedly 'leaderless' structures, often via so called democratic 'meetings', which were in fact controlled by an individual, or a small unaccountable clique. This is a system of control favoured by totalitarians through out history.

However, with 73% of Green Party members who voted calling decisively for change (turnout was 48.3% with just 3,605 ballot papers cast), perhaps the Green Party UK is not so full of masochistic, self fagulationist, hand wringing losers who want to be parked in the 'politically disabled' space for ever, as previously seemed the case.

In fact, if they can only get 3,605 voting members to take part in such an important vote, there do not seem to be very many Greens at all.

Though utter ineptitude alone, which is a form of corruption, often getting less votes than the BNP, the Green Party UK has been denying Britain a strong and authoritative environmental voice, and can therefore be called one of Britain's worst environmental disasters.

For years the Green Party UK has been held back by a marginalising 'self harming' problem which polluted everything, but hopefully a massive clean up of toxic ballshit will sort things out for future generations.

schmoo ponders: A 'leader' can be just another role in a team or structure, not always more important. In fact often more expendable.

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