Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Gordon Brown Tragedy part 10: police to interview the Prime Minister?

Above: Gordon Brown looking sick as a dog. schmoo to the rescue.

Brown On the Run: The Brown Tragedy continues to entertain viewers with every new twist in the plot. After recent episodes it now looks increasingly likely that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will be interviewed by police from Scotland Yard about his relationship with David Abrahams, the man at the center of the 'Donations Gate' sleeze scandal. Brown has already been forced to admit: “I am sure I may have met him”.

David Abrahams on the other hand, when asked by the Daily Telegraph how familiar he was with the prime minister, replied, “You don’t remember how many times you’ve eaten porridge for breakfast.” This could either be an illusion to his closeness with Brown, sexual or otherwize, or to his fear of prison.

Facts: Until a few days ago David Abrahams was Labour's third largest donor after Lord Sainsbury and Mahmoud Khayami. He now faces the possibility of an unlimited fine, or up to a year in prison. Mr Abrahams has said in a public statement that top Labourites knew of the financial concealment; a source close to him says the figure is at least 10. Is that 10 people, or does he really mean Number 10?

Lobby Gate: Meanwhile it appears that Jon Mendelsohn, the man who Gordon Brown appointed to 'clean up' Labour party finances, was previously a joint founder with Neal Lawson and Ben Lucas of the lobbying firm LLM Communications at the center of the late 90's 'cash for access' scandal known as 'Lobbygate'. In June 1998, Observer reporter Greg Palast, posing as a businessman with ties to Enron, caught the firm trading 'access for a fee' deals giving direct access to top members of the government. Lawson was recorded stating that if Palast paid £5,000 to £20,000 per month; "We can go to anyone. We can go to Gordon Brown (then chancellor) if we have to".

schmoo to the rescue:
here at the schmoontherun 'safehouse' we are worried about Gordon Brown. In the past we have not been very supportive, but now he is literally 'on the run' things are different, and schmoo wants to support Gordon Brown all the way. Despite his all too challenging human faults Gordon Brown is a good man, trying to do his best for the British people, especially the poorest 20%.

Perhaps, like an unrequited lover, Gordon Brown tries too hard, and should take more than a day off for Christmas.

Who are the people attacking Gordon Brown the most? The Right Wing Press, Socialist Worker, and the Tories, plus Tony Benn and a few other 'Liberal Spoilers' and 'Lost Lefties'. They do it because Gordon Brown threatens their vested interests, and marginal political fiefdoms, in favour of the people of Britain.

Under the Belt: Ever since the Tories walked out of cross party talks on party funding they have been running a 'black ops' project called 'Operation Under the Water' focused on Labour donations with the premeditated intent of smearing Brown with sleaze. Expect almost nothing about Tory Sleaze Donors like Lord Ashcroft. Nor has there been mention of Michael Brown a major donor to the Liberal Party (2.4 million); he was jailed in July 2006.

Ironically, considering most headlines imply 'Labour Sleaze', it has been the Labour Party that has lead the way on cleaning up party funding. There is absolutely no doubt that under Gordon Brown the process will continue. But after Brown's 'Mr Clean not Bean' retoric, his taking seven months to appoint a new chairman of the
parliamentary standards watchdog does indeed 'begger belief'.

But, exactly as you may hear in the media, Gordon Brown's recent over all record of incompetence and negligence has been excellent:

Phoney Election:
Gordon Brown not to blame (mostly press hype encouraged by his own people), and he finally did the right thing to put off an unnecessary election which he should have done straight away.

• Northern Rock: Gordon Brown not to blame, and did the right thing to save every one's over drawn bank account, except the tax payers who have paid over £24 billion, after delaying action for 4 days allowing the avoidable spectacle of the first run on a British Bank for over 100 years.

• Missing Tax Office CD's: Gordon Brown not to blame for reorganising everything, and cutting 100's of staff, so a 23 year old junior clerk can down load and lose millions of personal details. Now the PM is up all night trying to do the right thing,
including having police look through rubbish tips.

• Labour Party Donor Sleeze Scandal: No comment, due to
possibly pending criminal proceedings.

• The looming economic crisis: No comment, due to pending economic crisis.

The unfolding Tragedy of Gordon Brown is that he is a great man, who risks being ruined by his great failings.

But the real tragedy for Britain could be Gordon Brown ending up being the best that we had, and then being replaced by something far, far, worse: David Cameron.

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