Sunday, December 16, 2007

spice girls on the run

Above: Spice Girls posters - the Che Guevaras of 'Girl Power'.

By a strange twist of fate schmoo ended up last night in the same 'space time zone' as the Spice Girls, and 20,000 of their revolutionary feminist supporters. They were swarming all over the massive O2 Dome in London to see the intellectual force behind 'Girl Power' kick off their first UK tour for years, at a sell out concert.

When Spice Girl tickets went on sale they sold out in 38 seconds, after more than a million people tried to buy online. Three more dates in london were added (
December 16 and 18 and January 2).

Above: Spice Girls Exclusive: There were so many Spice Girls at the O2 it was impossible to tell which ones were the originals, but does it really matter? They are all Spice Girls - and now the virus has mutated it's DNSpice and leaped the generation barrier.

By virtually all accounts the Spice Girls on stage were great and the audience loved every second. Seems they have new remixes for all their songs and the update works. Also, the amazing sound quality at the O2 Arena can't hurt.

Above: Spice Girls leaving the O2 after the concert which has had rave reviews - especially from the Spice Girls who talked to schmoo at the end.

• The Spice Girls are touring Britain as part of a world tour.

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