Monday, December 10, 2007

bali climate change con-ference: world saved from Gorists

Above: hysterical 'Eco Con' fear victims gathered outside American embassy in London last weekend demanding global rationing and massive tax increases.

THE latest news coming in from the Bali con-ference is that the world will be saved from a crazy Eco Con plan lead by the climate change profiteer Al Gore. 'Goebbels' Gore has personally made over £50 million from his activities as chief propagandist for the authoritarian 'Green Nazi' movement in Europe.

The 'Gorists' want to bring in massive taxes, rationing, and end freedom of travel, especially for poor people. Eco con extremists are also trying to use climate change hysteria to boost the nuclear power industry - with which Gore has close ties going back many years.

Expect more anti americanism (verging on racism), from the hysteria merchants, and paid for traitors like Gore, after the US government successfully blocks the Eco Con agenda at the Bali Climate Change Conference, which would have hit the poorest people in the world, while leaving the rich European nations continuing to enjoy the profits generated from the suffering of billions.

Above: Enviro-mental rubbish left after the climate change march in London last week end.

Above: the climate change march was at one end of Duke St; and this was Oxford St at the other end. Organisers, who regularly twist facts and figures to support their corrupt campaign claimed 10,000 people supported the march - a typically massive over estimate. When questioned about the low attendance they blamed 'climate change'; it rained and was a little cold (perfectly normal for December in Britain). In fact the 'Climate Change March' was completely swamped by a huge counter demo - 200,000+ christmas shoppers on Oxford Street who were not put off by the rain in the slightest.

Above: 'Eco Con' stall blown over by the wind - climate change to blame of course.

Above: Eco Con MP Michael Meacher spotted trying to slip away after giving a populist, but utterly ignorant and criminally irresponsible speech. He told the small crowd of about 300 naive eco 'do gooders' outside the US Embassy that they could stop climate change with windmills - and of course they cheered as they stood in the rain.

The truth the Eco Cons and their hysterical victims do not want to admit is that humanity can not stop climate change.

All humanity can do is prepare for the inevitable disasters to come.
When is there going to be a conference about that - and the mass poisoning through toxic pollution? These are things we can do something about.

Above: A filthy, child killing, cancer causing SUV monster. Instead of wasting time chasing impossible targets at Bali, we should be concentrating on achievable goals like making these ridiculous cars socially unacceptable, along with plastic bags and slave labour.

• GORE BORE: In London on the same day as the Climate Change March, Al Gore did not attend. Instead he pocketed $200,000 for a half hour speech to the likes of Bob Geldof, Darryl Hannah and Jerry Hall who paid between $2000 and $100,000 to listen to the Green Goebbels. Apparently the speech was so boring that members of the audience started talking amongst themselves towards the end.

Above: 200,000+ Christmas shoppers on Oxford St swamp climate change march.

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