Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Zimbabwe general strike flops: flip-out looms

It is not at all surprising to hear that the 'General Strike' called for by the opposition in Zimbabwe yesterday was a flop. With four out of five Zimbabweans unemployed, how could it ever work?

It seems that the only people who have jobs in Zimbabwe are the police, army, a few civil servants (mostly self employed bribe takers), Zimbabwean currency printers, professional people beaters, part time pro government demonstrators, and 'Torture, Massacre and Mayhem' instructors from North Korea. They all want to keep their jobs for as long as possible. These people won't be striking, they will be doing overtime.

The North Koreans have special world class 'know how', and an open plan 'can do' culture when it comes to obliterating the slightest glimmer of political opposition by any means necessary. If the opposition is supported by most of the country, that's no problem at all.

The North Koreans practice a liberal 'Open Door Policy' in all torture chambers; they leave the door open so other prisoners can hear the screams.

There are no wild animals left in Zimbabwe - they have all been eaten.