Sunday, April 13, 2008

proof that animals love cannabis as 'class b for brown' threat continues

It is possible that Gordon Brown suffers from a similar personality disorder as Oliver Cromwell, who banned Shakespeare.

Psychological analysis of Gordon Brown reveals that his recent outbursts on making Cannabis 'Class B for Brown' is part of an obvious pattern. This is the result of a behavioral disorder which gets increasingly violent and irrational, especially if not treated by one of the few drugs that would work without major side effects - cannabis.

The governments own 'Advisory Council on Drugs' has done yet another review at Browns request, and has advised that cannabis should stay in the 'Class C' category. But 'Class B for Brown' says he knows better, despite knowing almost nothing about cannabis, except what he might read in 'Mein Kampf'.

The government should be handing out prescriptions for cannabis not prosecutions.

GLIMMER OF HOPE: There may be a glimmer of hope for those who fear Puritan Brown may be about to blow over £1 billion pounds a year on making the possession of cannabis a 'category B' criminal offence, causing 100,0000 prosecutions a year, ruining many young lives and creating a huge drain on already frazzled police resources.

Analysis of Gordon Brown's behavioural disorder pattern reveals that he never actually does what he threatens he is going to do.

This is a classic attention and power seeking strategy in which the patient grabs attention and power by announcing that he or she is about to do something dramatic. It is a sadistic form of behavioral disorder involving the psychological torture of those who the patient wishes to control.

In Brown's case, due to his deep rooted insecurity, the torture is extended for as long as possible - and then he does the reverse of what he was threatening to do.

The pattern first started to emerge when Gordon Brown went to Iraq in the middle of the Tory Conference and dramatically announced that 1000 British troops would be 'Home by Christmas'. It turned out a lot of these troops were not there anyway.

This was followed by 'Browns Election' in which the entire nation was tortured for weeks and then the election was cancelled.

More recently Brown's behaviour has displayed increasingly violent undertones, with worryingly destructive elements emerging. For example while claiming to be dedicated to fighting poverty he punishes those closest to him by going into reverse and doubling the income tax rate for the poorest workers in Britain, physically assaulting over 5 million poor people with one 'clunking fist'.

According to form Brown will continue to use psychological torture as part of a personality disorder which can only worsen if not treated. He will continue to use threatening behaviour but this could escalate into violence if he feels very threatened. However once the attention buzz starts to wane, due to his insecurity he will usually back down from acting out his threats.

BROWN'S ATTENTION SEEKING THREATS: If this analysis is correct Gordon Brown will continue his attention seeking threats to make cannabis 'Class B For Brown' for a bit longer. Then he, or one of his minions like the Home Secretary, will announce that he is not going to do anything after all, having taken the advice of the experts. This way the Advisory Council can take the brunt of any criticism from the Daily Malice for which Brown apparently has a pathological fear causing clinical paranoia.

The real fear is that such is the extent of Browns disease that he no longer even cares about respect or popularity as long as he gets the attention he craves, like a junkie craves the next hit of British Army approved 'NATO Heroin' from Afghanistan.

A combination of clinical paranoia, insecurity, manic depression, fear of the Daily Mail and an escalating personality disorder with violent tendencies could cause Brown to become increasingly irrational and dangerous to those around him. In this state he might do something really insane like make Cannabis 'Class B'.

Conclusion: Gordon Brown has violent tendencies and should continue to be held in a 'Category A' secure institution under constant observation. As Brown's poll rating continues to fall faster than any British leader since the 1930's he could become increasingly dangerous. Someone with Brown's psychological profile, which is similar to that of a suicide bomber, could be capable of anything, including destroying the Labour Party for a generation.

Another example of this is Brown's irrational obsession with detaining young men for 42 days without charge. Against all advice from some of his closest collegues Brown insists on this like a brat screaming for a lost toy.

BROWN OUT IN SUMMER OF DISCONTENT: There is a chance that Brown's reign of bad breath, bad moods, 'passive aggressive' bullying and nose picking may soon be over. If the May local elections are a disaster for Labour, as predicted by almost everyone, Brown could be out of office and in a padded cell where he belongs, as soon as this summer.

Due to his own incompetence and nothing else, Calamity Brown now has his own cabinet in revolt and the rest of the Labour Party seriously considering his dispatch to the nearest mental hospital before he takes us all down in the next general election. Then the Cocaine Party really will make cannabis 'Class B', and turn most of Britain into the under class.

CLASS B FOR BROWN: The truth is that it is Gordon Brown who deserves to be in 'Class B', not cannabis. Gordon Brown was never 'Class A' material, but tests show he is far more dangerous than a spliff.

Perhaps Gordon Brown should read the new research showing that animals love cannabis and are prepared to work to get access to regular supplies just like humans. Could this be the answer to youth unemployment?

Gordon Brown Less Popular than Thatcher

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