Tuesday, April 8, 2008

protest olympics kick off

Britain's hopes for a Olympic Protest Gold were dashed when protesters in Paris managed to force the extinction of the 'unity' flame and caused the hapless authorities to abandon the planned Olympic Relay Riot Event in central Paris.

Britain started off well in the Fire Extinguisher event and a 31 mile Marathon Protest through London but despite 35 arrests they just did not have the strength of the Paris team. Even so they managed to force a change of route and create bad publicity for China all over the world, which could still earn them a Silver medal.

But now the American team in San Francisco will be hoping they can knock Britain into third place and take the Gold from the nation that let Hitler take over their country.

Meanwhile the Australian team has said that unlike Britain and France they will not allow the Chinese Protest Stopper Team into the country when the Olympic Protest event kicks off in Australia. Chinese Protest Stoppers are trained in hard core Chinese Protest Stopping strategies which are mainly practiced in China and banned in most countries.

It is certainly true that there were complaints at the London event that the Chinese team tried too hard to get in the way of the Olympic Protest Athletes as they attempted the difficult Flame Grab event. However the Chinese made a big concession by dressing in blue track suits instead of the usual army uniforms, and used only their fists instead of the usual rifle butt and bullet. There have been calls for them to be given surprise 'Anger Tests' which many believe they would fail, resulting in their automatic elimination from the 'peace and harmony' Olympics event.

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