Tuesday, April 15, 2008

gordon brown admits he does not get up everyday

Gordon Brown is quoted in today's Telegraph saying that he spends "every day that I wake up" trying to keep the economy on track.

Is Gordon Brown now admitting that he does not wake up everyday? If so, this is the first bit of positive news about him for ages.

Gordon Brown was definitely awake today. He spent a lot of time on defense; his own defense that is. He visited several front line media bunkers such as Channel Four News, where he actually gave a pretty good performance. He is so shy, and cares too much, but perhaps this is a sign that he might be human after all. He should be doing more sit down and fight TV interviews like this, less lectures.

Maybe then the British public will start to realise that Gordon Brown's Labour Government really is on their side, and doing some sensible things, despite what seems like the opposite.

Trouble is, Gordon Brown does not do 'sound bites' - he does 'sound hours'.

Up to now the general impression has been of a clunking fist of dubious human origin, who makes very boring declarations, from the parapets of a fortress.

And now the vultures are circling, attracted by the stench of doom in the once merry and spend thrift Kingdom. The vultures are biding their time for the inevitable end of something, when ever that may be, but they hope soon.

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