Tuesday, April 8, 2008

greens exposed manipulating global warming facts

Goebbels the Nazi propaganda minister tried to get the BBC to change it's critical coverage of Hitler's racialist lies - and failed.

But now Jo Abbess, a 'green' global warming 'activist', has been exposed succeeding where Goebbels failed, by getting the BBC to suppress information from the World Meteorological Organisation which puts a big dent in the Global Warming Hysteria machine.

A leaked email exchange between Jo Abbess and BBC Environment reporter Roger Harrabin published on Jennifer Marohasy's environmental politics blog shows exactly how the green media manipulator is guilty of a conscious effort to suppress scientific information showing that Global Warming has been decreasing since 1998.

"Never trust a Hippy" should really read - "Never trust a Green". As for the BBC and 'reporter' Rober Harrabin? They must be very ashamed.

More on Jo Abbess: see her gallery of Green Anorak Mad People. Not only does she believe humans are causing Global Warming, like a lot of confused souls, it seems she believes in 'God' while doing the work of the Devil by arrogantly warping the truth.

Vote Green - go Blackshirt

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