Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ken livingstone one point ahead as Johnson goes black and white

Ken Livingstone did something funny today. He announced that he has put his opponent Boris Johnson's latest election YouTube video up on his own campaign site.

Ken has his own election video, and Johnson's spooky and very negative black and white 'Dracula of London' video on the same page so you can even run them simultaneously. The comparison is stark.

Meanwhile those who feared that the Evening Standard was going to be elected mayor of London may have a glimmer of hope; today Ken Livingston was neck and neck but drawing one point ahead in the latest MORI poll today.

Hopefully Londoners are still wise to the Evening Standard with its property developer editorial board, and estate agent journalists. Way back in history now, in a Greater London Authority election that brought Ken Livingston to power, the Evening Standard had just two words on it's front page on the day of the election; "Vote Tory". ... and Labour won by a landslide.

The only way the Tories got rid of Ken Livingstone that time was by abolishing the GLA, ending democratic Home Rule in London for years.

Even though Ken is doing well surviving the vicious campaign against him, led by the 'Evading Standards', there is still a chance that the Tories will win this time. If that happens it will be similar to when the obviously best team loses in football, or when we just got the VHS video standard, instead of the far superior Betamax which lost the marketing battle.

Hopefully not too many good people will waste their votes on the Green Nazi Party or worse, because really all they will be doing is voting Tory unless they vote for Ken Livingstone. Like him or hate him; Ken really is the best man for the job.

We need to make sure London does not go black and white with Johnson the Tory Minstrel.

Mad Raving Loony

The other nightmare scenario is that London is run like the Metropolitan police by Ex Inspector Paddock, supposedly running for the Liberals, but who thinks Cannabis should never have been made Class C. Paddock plans to bore us to tears ... for years. He could sneak in behind and win on the second preference votes. This is where perhaps we really do need the Mad Raving Loony Party.

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