Saturday, November 1, 2008

green party candidate in homophobia scandal

Way back in April this year some storybooks for children which included 'gay' relationship story lines to help stop bullying were withdrawn from two Bristol primary schools following objections from sexually paranoid parents.

Thanks to Harry's Place it has since emerged that local Green Party Council candidate, Tony Gosling, told The Muslim News he was “personally disgusted” by the books. “No way should kids be indoctrinated in this way. Anyone who says so is branded as homophobic which they are not; it’s the gay mafia in full swing,” he said. (Muslim News, 25 April 2008)

Finally, on the last day of October, the 'Green' Party woke up, smelt the muesli and is now on a major damage limitation exercise led by Peter Tatchell, but although he threatens "disciplinary action" he fails to do the only honourable thing which is to demand Gosling's immediate resignation and expulsion from the Green Party.

There is absolutely no excuse for the Green Party as it appears they have had Tony Gosling as their official candidate since 2005.

It is time the UK Greens got hold of some eco friendly weed killer and rid themselves of the anti Semitic conspiracy nutters, pseudo anarchists and trustafarian crusties who have dominated and stymied the party for years. These politically and intellectually irrational, anti science, anti business, anti democratic, authoritarian 'anti-hierarchical', green 'nazies' have held back the development of a decent Green Party in Britain for far too long.

By squandering for years it's opportunities and duty to credibly represent the widely held desire for a more natural and sustainable approach to the way we live, the current 'Green' Party in Britain is itself an ecological disaster.

The Greens showed some sign of getting real last year when they voted by 73 per cent to have a party leader. For years they had followed an 'non-hierarchical' policy straight out of Animal Farm. This resulted in the Green Party UK being officially a 'leaderless' party, when in fact it was controlled, held back and intellectually corrupted by a small number of fundamentally bigoted, incompetent and out-of-touch-with-the-real-world people who dominated key party 'fiefdoms' with almost no party or democratic control. It was of course these very people who most strongly fought against having a leader; their cosy little political game world was under threat, and they might have to explain their incompetence, and justify their inept and stupid ideas. Thankfully they were soundly beaten in the end. However it is obvious, almost one year on, that the Green Party UK still needs a drastic detox. A massive enema might work, but who would want that job ....

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