Saturday, November 1, 2008

palin sarkozy prank shows Ross and Brand

now this is the sort of thing Ross and Brand should have been doing if they want to do phone pranks, but they would probably have been banned anyway thanks to the fascist email lynch mob now on the rampage in britain, who really just want a reason to not pay their TV licence fee because they've maxed out all their credit cards on crap, and need to vent their hatred and anger towards anything they do not understand, whipped up by the media corporations who really just want to take out the BBC and make a lot more cash without the competition, supported by a craven spin mongering and desperate government who really just wants to keep the continuing and worsening financial crisis off the front pages. Here at the safehouse we happily pay the TV licence as an insurance against Murdock or some other corporate whore pimp owned media monster owning everything. Ross and Brand should be told they can have their jobs back immediately if they can phone prank David Cameron, plus a one million pound bonus if they can destroy his political career for ever. It would be licence fee payer's money well spent.

bloggerheads has some good points and links on the hypocrisy of the whole bad sad sick joke.

atlargely points out that in the prank interview sarah palin proves she does not know the name of the Canadian prime minister

support russell brand and jonathan ross facebook group.

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