Saturday, November 1, 2008

climate change camp crazies clash

The climate change issue seems to have died a death for the moment due to the credit crunch fake money reality crisis despite a recent outburst from prince charles, and a stupid attempt to cause trouble at a power station ..... but here is some entertainment back from august .... frankly it was a case of 'nutter nuts even nuttier' as arch climate change professional hysteria merchant George Monbiot proved he retains some modicum of sanity by taking apart and soundly nutting the climate change camp pseudo anarchist and totally unrealistic fundamentalist eco panic zealot Ewa Jasiewicz of the 'back to the caves and nettle soup tendency'.

short schmoo climate change spiel: of course dramatic climate change is happening, humanity contributes but nothing like the contribution of nature, and there is nothing wrong with flying organic green beans from Kenya, their total co2 foot print is less than green beans from Kent and it helps a lot of good African people make a living. Most importantly, we should not kid ourselves that humanity can stop global warming effects even if it was responsible, so the truth is that massive humanitarian disasters are very likely in the future. Cutting Co2 waste, toxic pollution and conserving finite energy sources plus developing alternatives are obviously sensible but will not stop climate change and dangerous global warming. plane flights = 3 per cent of human co2, meat production = 18 per cent; plane stupid are morons. Beware the manipulation of scare merchants with political agendas and panicked lost souls desperate for an answer. Also windmills and solar panels are a joke if you rely just on them for humanities survival as a species. Instead of wasting time and resources on futile, self harming attempts to stop climate change, we should face the changes that are happening now and the changes to come with practical solutions, ensuring no one is left behind, this is a massive global task but it is achievable, unlike the fools errand of trying to stop climate change. Already millions are dying while arrogantly pontificating ignorant rich kids of the west like Ewa Jasiewicz waste time camping in their anarcho-playpens.

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