Saturday, November 1, 2008

chevron whitewashes website as murder trial continues

This is interesting: "Chevron has quietly removed from its website any reference to its operations in Burma, a country where the oil giant has been implicated in allegations of rape and murder connected to a lucrative pipeline project that generates up to $1 billion annually for the country’s brutal military regime, the Amazon Defense Coalition said today.

The company has replaced the majority of substantive information on its website with a short page glossing over their role in the country.

Chevron removed the references to Burma while it has been embroiled in high-stakes legal case charging it helped orchestrate the deaths of two Nigerian villagers protesting Chevron’s operational practices in the African country. The trial on those charges began Tuesday in federal court in San Francisco."

In the Amazon region of Ecuador, Chevron faces a potential $16.3 billion liability for dumping more than 18 billion gallons of toxic waste, there are also allegations that Chevron has supported the use of slave labour in Burma.

daily kos connection with chevron blood money

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