Friday, July 17, 2009

postal strike: royal mail under attack

The people who decided to change the 'Royal Mail' into 'Consignia' at vast expense, only to be forced by the obvious to go back to the original, should be rotting in the Tower of London along with all their relatives and close friends. Instead they are probably enjoying a nice pension.

The management of the Royal Mail has been absolutely appalling, but managing a business with a union of morons like the Communication Workers Union (CWU) must be very difficult.

While the Royal Mail, one of the foundations of our civilization, struggles to survive, hobbled by government restrictions which allow multinational corporations with horrible anti royalist names like DHL or TNT to steal all the most profitable business, the CWU union seem hell bent on making everything worse with a series of stupid and destructive strikes. The latest 24 hour strike today could delay mail for a week or more, and there is still a back log from the last strike. Is the CWU really in the pay of DHL and TNT, or what?

The obvious solution is to require an intelligence test for all postal workers including management to weed out all the fools. About 50% of them (mostly management) will have to be offered more suitable employment; for example washing dishes, although close supervision will still be required even for that.

And now it looks like terrorists have been shooting at the Post Office on Camden High St (pictured above, click to enlarge), or maybe their target was actually the Bank of Ireland 'black hole of debt' dispensing machine.

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