Thursday, July 9, 2009

great news of the world: dirty digger is top hacker

Exposed! Rupert Murdock's expenses included thousands of payments for illegal taps on mobile phones belonging to people all over Britain. The police are investigating.

The news of the world just gets better and better as first the criminal banks, then the corrupted (by themselves) mp's and now perhaps the vilest of them all, the Tory Porn Press, are exposed as low life criminals, cheats, and perverters of truth and justice.

This is going to be a source of excellent good news as the Porn Press eats itself. Hopefully this will also drag the likes of Tory communications chief liar Andy Coulson, and many many others, through the putrefying excrement, which in truth is these peoples natural habitat.

Already comes the good news that David Cameron is not going to immediately sack Coulson and call the police. This is excellent news as it will prolong the public shame, before the inevitable exit from public life, hopefully in handcuffs.

There could be even more good news soon as further massive corruption in the media is exposed and proves to be so all pervading and insidious that it makes the whole country revolted.

UPDATE - Wikileaks comments: The News of the did not go far enough. Having slagged off the porn press, it is hard not to agree with Wikileaks that "the Guardian, in seeing an opportunity to attack a journalistic and a class rival, has been doing its level best to castrate British Journalism by tut-tuting in article after article about the News' alleged sourcing improprieties; A tabloid newspaper doing investigative journalism! Journalists skirting the law to expose the truth! The long suffering of British billionaires—and the Royalty! And did we mention that the News' is owned by Rupert Murdoch?— so, um.. you know, the enemy of my enemy and all that! The Guardian's coverage is disproportionate. It is moral opportunism. It is the worst kind of snobbery. It is an excuse to mention tabloid stories in a broadsheet. And it is dangerous. The result will be a publishing climate and probably legislation aimed at keeping the British public in the dark. The implicit lionization of nanny journalism by the Guardian is shameful. "

Yes, the Guardian really are a bunch of creeps, and bugging or phone tapping by the press should be done as much as possible if it is truly in the public interest, but not fishing trips to pick up tardy gossip or track some insignificant celeb for the Paparazzi.

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