Sunday, July 5, 2009

sunday hymns at the safehouse

Above: 'Songs of Praise' live at the safehouse church today. Best played loud on Sundays and other holy shopping days, the summer solstice, fake anarchist meetings, michael jackson's funeral (much as we love him) etc etc

This inspirational holy hymn is not by Saint Frank Zappa, although obviously influenced by him. It is by Steve Vai who played with Zappa and is on his Flex-Able Leftovers album. Zappa never did acid and only smoked ten joints, but you'd never believe it watching Montana, his crazy-genius dental floss song. A very sweet Zappa piece is 'Watermelon In Easter Hay'. His main ambition musically was to write orchestral music.

The ground breaking 1979 animation for Frank Zappa's 'City of Tiny Lights' was way before 'claymation' became popular with dental floss advertisers.

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