Tuesday, October 20, 2009

royal mail thrown out with rubbish

Royal Mail Postal Strike Tragedy: Why? A postman tries to explain (letter in Guardian):
"Consider the fact that delivery office managers (DOMs) will get £8,000 each for making improvements in their offices. Section managers, however, only receive £2,000 each. The postmen who have been "encouraged" to help make things work will receive £0. As an added thank-you we will not be receiving a pay rise – a kind of "stick and stick approach", as they can't afford carrots. In addition the chairman is to have £145,000 paid to top up his pension fund at a time when there is insufficient money available from the huge recently announced profits to alleviate the Royal Mail pension fund that is allegedly a little short. Obviously the £2m bonus he got in the past was insufficient.
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Delivered into intensive care

Windows 7 ships early to avoid postal strike

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