Thursday, November 5, 2009

bbc down confirmed

The whole BBC website has gone off the internet and has been for several hours now. But almost nobody is mentioning it. Here at the safehouse data center deep beneath central London we immediately activated code red when the first episode of the new Spooks series suddenly evaporated. A massive internet glitch seems to have occurred for a few minutes during which a number of UK websites became unavailable, including the BBC which remains down. If they do not fix this by the morning the whole world will see a big internet crater where the BBC once was.

This is how the world would be if Murdock and his vile friends in the Tory Party had their way: Tories threaten to tear up Lord Reith's BBC legacy.

• Update (AM 5th Nov): BBC back, there are suggestions that the BBC's problems may be with one of their internet service providers Akamai while a brief statement from the BBC blames "network problems".

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