Wednesday, April 1, 2009

obama's helicopters rattle london windows

Above: schmoo's flying safe house; the Hotelicopter.

ALL the windows in the schmoo safe house in central London rattled today as Barack Obama flew over head in the massive 'Marine One' helicopter on the way to 'crash out' at the luxury American squat in Regents Park.

For a while there was a constant clatter of whirling beasts as the air above London literally buzzed with helicopters. This was because of a sophisticated American plan to use decoy helicopters, and avoid paying the London congestion charge.

As our main man Obama obviously enjoys helicopters, and has freely admitted to thinking flying in Air Force One is really cool, which it obviously must be, Obama is welcome to come hang out over London in our flying safe house any time. With our civil liberties under attack from every direction, this is one of the few legal ways to get high left.

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