Wednesday, April 1, 2009

police save london from negative vibes

Despite the obvious danger from violent agent provocateurs, schmoo broke cover when it got dark to check out the eco-nazi fluffies at the Climate Change Camp down at Bishopsgate. As you might expect from eco-nazi's who want to force everyone back to the Middle Ages, there was a lot of police, a nasty smell of Crusties, and a lot of litter and pollution.

The most dangerous incident was when an climate camp changeling in full crustie uniform came round offering free MacDonald's Burgers. A mass poisoning attempt was the last thing we expected at a Climate Change Camp. Will these fundamentalists do anything to further their cause, including Suicide Food distribution which they can then blame on capitalism???

Thankfully not a single person would accept the toxic offering. On reflection this was almost certainly an agent provocateur at work, probably CIA as she had an American accent.

Meanwhile the police were doing a brilliant job. We noticed some police down an ally were furtively guarding an obviously unconscious man stretched out on the ground. Why were they hiding him down an ally way? Was he a dead demonstrator murdered by the 'Pigs'? Was this part of a massive cover up to prevent Britain turning into Greece Two? We hid in the shadows and watched. After a while the man stirred, stood up, tottered a few steps and then fell down again, he was definitely dead .... dead drunk that is.

One man did die during the demo at the Bank of England, but this was not the fault of the police; we blame the Evening Standard for organising the event. Of course the serial liars at Indimedia are trying to imply it was all the police's fault. The sick thing is they are loving it that someone has died, and are now trying to make political capital out of the tragedy. They are worse than David Cameron. The fake anarchists would love it if they could turn Britain into a massive ever lasting riot, although all they could accomplish was to break a few windows, and make themselves look like prats on national TV. Meanwhile most reports including the BBC say the man was hit by bottles thrown by demonstrators. Another witnesses said when police tried to help the man they were attacked with missiles until members of the crowd threatened to kill the attackers. A charming group of people indeed. There will be an Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) inquiry into the death.

UPDATE: Indymedia is squealing that Ramparts and another idiot convergence center has been raided by police, presumably looking for CCTV Stars from yesterdays stupidity. Don't they know it is illegal to be violent morons, even if they do have a good cause.


charlesdance said...

Ah, sorry, not awake yet, didn't realise the site was a joke!

schmoo said...

In future please drink more coffee, do some yoga, or take some drugs if you want to keep up with the high level of serious intellectual and theoretical debate on this site, which is strictly from an anarco-utopian-free-lunch-for-all-is-possible consumer rights perspective.

We realise our utterly biased pro police position is controversial, but this is the only way a liberal multi-cultural society can control counter revolutionaries, corrupt politicians, looters and fake anarchists.