Saturday, February 14, 2009

seven year plan to tap massive hydrogen deposits on dark side of the moon

Bill Stone has an amazing but technically feasible plan to go to the moon without enough fuel to get back. He also has the proven know how and experience to actually do it and survive. According to Stone an obscure Pentagon backed survey of the dark side of the moon in 1994 called Operation Clementine showed very large amounts [ten trillion tons] of concentrated hydrogen in ice around an area called Shackleton Crater on the dark side of the moon at the South Pole. This was backed up by another NASA mission in 1999 although it failed to get 100 per cent definite proof. Stone however still believes he can manufacture enough hydrogen fuel to propel himself and his team back to earth. If successful he then intends to put a hydrogen production plant on the moon and open the first gas station in space. This would transform humanities ability to travel in space. At the moment more than 90 per cent of a rocket is fuel and this would no longer be needed as they could fill up again in space and even get extra points, before the long haul to Mars. He thinks he could do this in seven years from now. All he needs is fifteen billion dollars, which apparently is what a big oil platform can cost. Of course the interesting comments on Bill Stone's Ted page include some from a number of negative Eco Luddites who must of course be listened to, and then ignored for the survival of humanity.

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