Tuesday, October 21, 2008

is christopher hitchens a "bloviating drunk"

A post on the daily kos recently called Christopher Hitchens a "bloviating drunk", but check this recent debate between Hitchens and typical Daily Kos anti Iraq war type Eric Alterman. Christopher Hitchens puts in a brilliant performance and wipes the floor with the conventional 'nice liberal' position on Iraq. Hitchens, who supports Oboma for president, is often wrongly and unfairly accused of being 'rightwing' or 'conservative' because he had the guts to support getting rid of Saddam Hussain. This interesting debate proves that Hitches upholds the traditional left wing principals of international justice and freedom from oppression for all, which most of the 'left' have abandoned for sentimental pacifist hypocrisy, and appeasement for genocide.

the left is dead, long live the left.

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