Saturday, September 27, 2008

obama mccain debate: two talking rubbish heads

They both talked a lot of rubbish on foreign policy, but Obama won on points with even more rubbish on foreign policy than McCain, which is a major achievement and could win him the White House.

It was very disappointing that Obama appears to have swallowed the lie that Russia was the aggressor against the Georgian war criminals. Obama exposed his surprising lack of knowledge about the Georgian problem and Russian policy. Seems Obama knows only a little more than McCain, which is very worrying. The only hope for stopping another Cold War and endless bad news about Russia on TV is that Obama knows the truth, but had to appeal to the brain washed american voters.

If McPain gets in, god will help us all - at least we can be sure God does not support the crazy Walt Disney Creationist Theory which makes the universe just six thousand years old.

While McCain repeated the word Veterans as many times as he could and claimed he won the war in Iraq, Obama's attitude to Iran, Iraq and Pakistan was equally worrying. His idea of getting the troops out of Iraq in 16 months is utter baloney. Again the world can only hope Obama does know the real truth but has to talk this rubbish to keep his brain washed liberals sending cash on the internet.

McCain claimed the 'Surge' was all his idea and won the war in Iraq. Of course he did not mention the Shia cease fire which was brokered thanks to the help of Iran, and the Sunni rejection of Al Quada in Iraq without which the Americans would still be fighting for their lives.

A potential knock out blow came with the Bracelet Moment when Obama delivered a fantastic left hook that appeared from nowhere. Obama brilliantly responded to McCain's tear jerk dead soldier bracelet story with his own: "I've got a bracelet, too, from Sergeant - from the mother of Sergeant Ryan David Jopeck, given to me in Green Bay. She asked me, can you please make sure another mother is not going through what I'm going through".

McCain was totally unprepared for this and floundered but stayed standing when he should have had a heart attack. Many are comparing this debate with the Kennedy Nixon debate; McCain was obviously trying to come across like honest grandad Ronald Raygun but he failed, and looked like a crook making an confession most of the time. McCain never looked Obama in the eye once.

Meanwhile the Obama cult blog Daily Kos and the more rational Huffington Post are full of how Obama won the debate, while the McCain campaign put out an ad claiming they had won - before the debate even happened.

Over all neither came out with total instant victory, but these debates are mainly a fight for the undecided voters and Obama seems to have done by far the best on that measurement. Combined with the fact Obama's campaign is far more organised on the ground, Obama still looks like winning, possibly with a landslide.

Obama's success and McCain's failure in this debate may well be seen by history as the turning point. is probably the best blog on the US election in the world.

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