Friday, September 26, 2008

bail out bad, no bail out much worse

As George Bush says "don't panic", here at the 'safehouse' emergency supplies are being checked; food including spirulina, water, fuel, drugs, gold bullion + cash stash, bicycle, solar mobile phone charger, anti mob defences, etc.

The emerging horrible truth is that despite it's failings, the bail out is necessary - even if it is likely that it is going to fail in a few months.

Other developments:

McCain has proved himself - to be a total slime ball. We did have some slight respect for him, but after yesterday not any more.

Obama has proved himself to be a decent human being, despite the fact that he is currently supporting the Georgian war criminals because of his obvious ignorance, shared by most Americans at the moment. If Obama does not become President, America is doomed, and they will drag the whole world down with them.

According to the BBC you can now buy a three bedroom house in Detroit for $1000.

Gold prices

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