Friday, August 17, 2007

shadows of schmoo

Above: watch out, there is a Green Nazi mosquito from the Climate Change Camp. Sunday Mirror report.

Above: self delusion can be the hardest prison to escape; most anarchists are tories.

Above: 24 hour shopper; the government is Tescos, Sainsburies is the opposition.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

climate change camp crazy crankie crusties

Above: On the road to Heathrow Airport, London.

A bunch of 'Green Nazi' loonies have invaded private property near Heathrow Airport and are threatening to 'peacefully' terrorise innocent holiday makers and business people this week using what they call 'direct action' - i.e. selfish, self righteous and utterly undemocratic acts of mindless sabotage & vandalism against the society that pays their dole checks.

Of course when anybody (like the police doing their job) takes 'direct action' against these misguided idiots, the poor little things scream 'police state' and often throw violent spoilt brat tantrums which they call 'riots'.

They are part of a crazy Luddite religious cult run by dole scroungers (plus agent provocateurs working for the oil companies & the 'Sun' newspaper) who say they want to take Britain back to the Dark Ages with no decent TV. They plan to force everyone to live in 'Argos' tent concentration camps, use disgusting compost toilets (which are against the European Human Rights Charter), eat vegan food (baked beans), and have an average life expectancy of 35 due to cooking on 'romantic' cancer causing open fires.

According to their warped view of the world, these hysterical minging crustie 'climate fear' mongers believe that they can 'save the planet' by forcing everyone to go back to 'year zero' and live like peasants in conditions similar to Glastonbury Festival after a lot of rain - but they still want broadband.

'GREEN GRUEL' HEALTH WARNING: The 'Climate Change Camp' claims to be an example of how we all need to live to prevent what they insist (because they actually believe what they read in the newspapers) is human caused climate change. Camp inmates are expected to attend communal 'vegan' meals. Last year at a similar concentration camp, organised by the same people, unsuspecting camp inmates ate the vile green vegan gruel supplied, and were hit by an especially toxic type of food poisoning which caused terrible 'runs' and massive releases of methane into the atmosphere.

GREEN NAZI'S: A similar 'back to nature' cult appeared just before the Second World War. They were vegetarian and vegan, were into nudity, had festivals in the country, and believed in the occult, conspiracy theories involving big Corporations/Jewish people, and that they could 'save the planet' - they were called the Hitler Youth.

ANIMAL FARM CAMP: The 'Green Shirt' nutters claim there are no leaders at the Animal Farm Camp, but this is just another example of the 'Animal Farm' mentality that pervades this dangerous and creepy group of cranks, crusties and crazies. Claiming that there are no leaders is just a way for the actual leaders to exert control over their naive, brain washed followers, with out any real democracy what so ever. They call it 'consensus' decision making; in other words it is both a con and senseless.

'ANARCHIST' PIGS: They claim they are 'non violent' - another lie. Last year the same bunch of 'eco prats' violently attacked Britain's cleanest power station to 'save the planet', and make the average British voter think environmental activists are idiots. All the usual macho 'anarchist' window smashers (with parents living in millionaires row) are at work, doing massive overtime at the Climate Change Camp. There are the retard left overs from 'Reclaim the Streets' riddled with police informers, and the agent provocateur fueled 'Wombles' desperate for attention. In other words it is the same unpleasant thugs who jump on every passing bandwagon, hiding behind the naive, ardent 'know it all' middle class student types, and plotting violent disorder, as at the 'G8' and 'Mayday' disasters which set back progressive political action in Britain by 20 years.

Sadly few have the guts to stand up to these self righteous political bully boys and bitches.

There is a real danger that in a travesty of real environmental 'direct action', an atrocity could occur at Heathrow by the weekend which will only serve the interests of those in the establishment who want to stifle all real political protest and free expression. They are just looking for an excuse.

ECO PRISON: Perhaps the best solution would be to surround the 'Climate Change Camp' at Heathrow with razor wire and a mine field, plus a couple of watch towers, and turn it into Britain's first 'zero emissions' Anti Climate Change Prison Camp.

It could be Britains first 'eco prison'! In a major reform, the hated 'lights out' time could be abolished - because to save the planet there would be no lighting.

I just saw arch 'eco con' merchant George Monbiot spreading his toxic climate change hysteria on the BBC's 'NewsFright' Newsnight programme. He supports 'Direct Action' by a leaderless mob of hysterical climate change cranks at Heathrow. He wants to screw up working people's summer holidays which they have spent all year working for! He also advocates policy's which would ensure several billion people remain in abject poverty for ever!

What dangerously miss guided people Monbiot and his ilk really are - with people like them around the planet really is in real danger.

• PLANE FACT: Aeroplanes cause just 3% of CO2 emission's, eating meat causes 18%.

PLANE STUPID: 'Irresponsible and ignorant'

PLANE IRRELEVANT: In the next 24 hours, deforestation will release as much CO2 into the atmosphere as 8 million people flying from London to New York.

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