Wednesday, June 20, 2007

summer solstice 2007: holiday inn opens close to stonehenge + glastonbury is hell

Above: A new 'Holiday Inn', built a mile from Stonehenge, has opened just in time to host the massive Summer Solstice 'Stonehenge Free Festival 2007'. The hotel looks like an 'Amazon Books' warehouse in Ohio, USA, rather than a place to stay near Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Unbelievably, but true, the address is Midsummer Place, Solstice Park, but it would make a good set for 'Dawn of the Dead'. It has 103 fully climate changing, air-conditioned, en-suite bedrooms, with 'Wi-die' internet connections - but no tipis! Along with a massive car park, which can double as an illegal free festival site, there is a 24/7 drugs bar with a 'free festival style' open fire. According to their press release, the bar at the Stonehenge Holiday Inn is called the '303 Bar'. A better name might have been '420 Bar' (or '9 Bar') - except for the lack of THC. Instead the bar deals only in various dangerous drinks (Class A, B & C), plus 'weed' (highly addictive, fast-burning-at-high-temp 'tobacco crack weed' that is). What a disappointment that in 2007, after generations of failed drug policies, which only serve to put everyone in danger, no cannabis, 'acid' (LSD) or 'e' (MDMA) will be available safely on site for those that want to enjoy them at the 'Holiday Inn'. Instead, it is allegedly crack, smack, and prostitutes that will be on tap, unregulated as usual, for the more desperate & unhappy clientele of the 'Heroin Inns' worldwide franchise.

Above: The new entrance to the Stonehenge site, commissioned by 'English Heritage' to be in keeping with surrounding architecture. It will be open in time for this years Summer Solstice celebrations, otherwise known as 'Pagan's Christmas' (21st June). To mark the occasion, McDonalds is launching a new vegan style 'Paganburger' made from Soyent Green, and has signed a sponsorship deal with the Druids, which involves hunting down and deep frying all hippies (and their dogs) for sacrifice.

McDonalds is counting on market research which says that there are now more practicing Pagans in Britain than practicing 'Christians' (who number less than 'Muslims'), while 'Christian Hypocrites' make up the massive 'burgered' majority. Sane, 'normal' people who do not believe in anything crazy, expect today's TV listings, are now totally out numbered and in danger of extinction, along with the red squirrel, and cod.

Pagans believe that Stonehenge is a 'sacred site', when actually it is probably the site of a Stone Age Nuclear Power station.

• Glastonbury Festival Hell: The Pagan's fashionable, high society version of 'Ascot', is the 'Glastonbury Festival' at which they mass, like Lemmings, to worship the gods of mud, shit and piss (+ Hep C, projectile vomiting, MRSA Superbugs, Bad 'E', Trench Foot etc). It is a bizarrely boring, meaningless, mass human sacrifice - of their cash. The money goes to support benefit fraudsters, drug dealers, BBC professional air head presenters, fennel tea drinkers, other criminals, and 1000's of worthless, free loading, 15 second 'celebs', who pay nothing for everything. What cash is left goes to a few 'good causes' - as long as they are hopeless. This year the main 'lost cause' theme is 'climate change', so the top 'stars', will all be coming and going in helicopters.

• Kate Moss: The helicopter flying, climate changing/raping 'stars' descending on Glastonbury include the hideous 'face of cocaine' Kate Moss, who looks like she is on heroin, and has half a South American rain forest up her nose. The Kate Moss 'Cartel' helicopter should be equipped with a stretcher - she could be knocked out by a rain drop at any moment.

Fact: Most Druids are Dentists.

McDonalds = Fast Food, Slow Death. Glastonbury = McDonalds for Pagans.

Friday, June 15, 2007

hollow 'victory' likely for 'hamas' cult in gaza prison camp uprising

Above: The prison riot in the Gaza Prison Camp seems to have ended in the 'victory' of the hard core prisoners gang/cult known as 'Hamas'.

Hamas preaches an extremist form of Islamic racism that states that Israel does not exist, yet spends much of its energy firing rockets at .... Israel.

Apart from being antisemitic, Hamas is also homophobic, sexist, misogynist, guilty of torture, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. In the last few days Hamas has taken to summary executions in the streets. Yet sickeningly Hamas is supported by many people in the British 'Anti War' movement, and other 'fashionist' fake leftie circles.

But while the headlines may say Hamas has won 'control' of the Gaza Prison Camp, nothing could be further from the truth. They do not even control the water - which can be turned off by Israel any time they want. They have no money, except from Iran, and they are dependent on Israel for food + medical supplies - except of course Israel does not exist.

The most likely outcome is that Israel will seal the Gaza for some time in the hope that the moderate sane majority of Palestinians/prisoners in the Gaza will eventually over throw the mad Hamas cultists - and send them all to their precious 'God' (in hell).

Failing that, Egypt may come to the rescue and annex the Gaza, freeing the Palestinian people from the clutches of the cultist 'Hamas' prison gang.

In the meantime the worst kind of crazy religious nutters are running riot in the biggest prison camp in the world.

Monday, June 11, 2007

united arab emirate royals plan mass eviction for ancient african tribe

The Hadzabe, a hunter gather tribe in Tanzinia, Africa, are believed to be the second-oldest people on Earth - but of course that is not saving them from being threatened with eviction and extinction.

Some greedy members of the United Arab Emirates 'royal' family want to turn the Hadzabe tribal hunting lands into a private 'by helicopter only' safari playground - so the Hadzabe who have been there for over 50,000 years will just have to go.

The Hadzabe, who run their society without hierarchy or leadership, and usually reach decisions by consensus, have had 2500 sq miles of their ancient hunting lands leased to the self indulgent Arab royals, by the corrupt Tanzanian government.

Much like the 'clearances' in Scotland (1760-1886), which cleared the Highlands of people to make way for sheep farming, the selfish United Arab Emirates 'royals' plan to clear the area of all humans; that means the 1500 remaining members of the Hadzabe Tribe - so the 'royals' can be free to hunt without the 'natives' getting in the way.

About thirty years ago, the Tanzanian government tried to change the Hadzabe's freedom loving lifestyle by forcing the bushmen to 'settle down' and 'get a real job'.

The government gave them livestock, grain and tools, and left them to cultivate the land. But the once the livestock and grain were gone, the Hanzabe returned to the bush, and happily regained their 'primitive' status as free people.

Defending the decision to sell the land to the disgustingly rich, and self centered Arab Royals who tour the area in helicopters, a Tanzanian government official had the gall to call the Hanza 'backwards' because they have no use for money, or the usual materialistic tat.

What is needed is a worldwide campaign to save some of the last free people on the planet from extinction by cultural genocide. blog has more on the Hadzabe people, and says that Survival International has been contacted, but a lot more than that will be needed.

Hadza Tribal Lands Being Confiscated By Arab Royal Family

Help the Hadzabe at Remote Central.

50,000 Years of Resilience May Not Save Tribe (Washington Post)

please watch this space for updates, forward to other blogs etc

saudi arabian arms deal: the prince of thieves

Above: 'Prince of Thieves' Bandar of Saudi Pigrabia. Allegedly he has received £1 Billion pounds from British old age pensioners, school children and hospital patients as a commission for a dodgy arms deal with the Ministry of Defence in the 1980's. This guy is an insult to humanity. He deserves to be arrested on sight and thrown into the worst cell in Pentonville Prison along with the child killers, and share a bunk with Maggie Thatcher who signed the corrupt deal in the first place.

The trouble is, despite what ever the Panorama program may imply, the Al Yamamah contract, which was the worst deal in British history, is totally 'legal'. Nevertheless 'Prince of Thieves' Bandar should be refused a visa to Britain on the grounds that he is too boring to be allowed in and also smells like rotting pork. All future payments to him should be stopped - let the little creep sue!

We can't blame Blair because he was stuck with the deal thanks to Thatcher. But, sometimes dirty money is too dirty to accept, and despite the huge costs to Britain which Tony Blair rightly fears, we should still refuse to do any business with Saudia Arabia. In the end we would be better off. Instead we should work to have the corrupt criminal mafia family that rules the country over thrown as soon as possible. Yes this would cost thousands of jobs, and yes perhaps the Saudi Arabians would start supporting terrorist attacks as they have threatened in the most despicable way, like the low life gangsters they really are. If this happens Britain should treat them in the same way as the Taliban in Afghanistan. This would be a much easier task, as unlike the Taliban the Saudis are too cowardly to fight - all they can do is beat up women.

Above: 'Prince of Thieves' Bandar - a coward and not a gentleman.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

grow your own: weeds not weed

Above: 'Grow Your Own' is being marketed as if it is a cannabis cultivation educational film, but in fact it is a 'comedy' about the internal politics of a suburban allotment. What a disappointment! Still they have a well cultivated website.

Apparently 'grit weed' an evil form of contaminated cannabis which hit Britain a while ago has now hit Hungary!

message from paris hilton: I intend to serve my time

LOS ANGELES: A few minutes ago (Sat afternoon US time) Paris Hilton issued the following statement:

Today, I told my attorneys not to appeal the judge's decision. While I greatly appreciate the Sheriff's concern for my health and welfare, I intend to serve my time at L.A. County Jail.

Being in jail is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. During the past several days, I have had a lot of time to think and I believe that I am learning and growing from this experience. I have also had time to read the mail from my fans. I very much appreciate all of their good wishes and hope they will keep their letters coming. Thank you as well to my family who has always stood by me. I love you and miss you so much! I must also say that I was shocked to see all of the attention devoted to the amount of time I would spend in jail for what I had done by the media, public and city officials. I would hope going forward that the public and the media will focus on more important things like the men and women serving our country in Iraq and other places around the world.

Source: Paris Hilton

schmoo translation: given the state Paris was in (see picture above) her statement means: 1. She has recovered very quickly, which is a big relief. OR 2. Someone with brains has taken over her PR (but she is still freaking out in the dreaded 'Twin Towers' psychiatric unit; she's on suicide watch, and probably drugged up to the eyeballs).

Justice for Celebs - Free Paris Hilton - Fair Sentence for Nicole Richie

Friday, June 8, 2007

paris hilton: 'go back to MRSA jail' card for american monopoly princess

The tragic American princess Paris Hilton was sent back to jail screaming today. This is terrible news - except perhaps for the inmates of the prison who all got free burger and chips paid for by Paris for the three days she was there before.

Now she has been told by a vindictive judge that she must serve the full 45 days of her sentence!

The LA Country Jail for women is full of the highly contagious flesh eating MRSA super bug. No wonder Paris Hilton is freaked out and does not want to eat the food - she could be facing a death sentence.

Justice for Celebs - Free Paris Hilton

bag war two: more climate change profiteers exposed

RECENTLY schooo exposed the Anya Hindmarch 'this is not a plastic bag' campaign with Sainsburys as an unethical climate change profiteering con trick. A few days later the 'Evening Standard' put the story on their front page.

Bag War Two: Now we have discovered yet another 'this is not a plastic bag' green wash toxic con trick .....

Above: The stall at the recent 'Green' Fair in Regents Park looks 100% 'cool', but closer inspection finds it to be yet another climate change profiteering, 'greenwash', G8 style eco fraud.

Onya Bags imply they are selling 'eco friendly' non-plastic bags, but in fact, when questioned, they had to admit that the bags are made from polyester ... which is a form of plastic!

Above: These so called 'eco friendly' bags are made from toxic plastic using petroleum products which contribute to rising global Co2 levels, and are not biodegradable.


When schmoo complained to the Onya stall holders that the 'eco' bags were in fact made from plastic they got very aggressive in typical 'green = mean' style; so not only are they are not 'eco', they are not friendly either.

Apparently (according to them) if you question the use of petroleum products (ie plastic) in a bag claiming to be 'eco friendly' you are being 'negative'. In fact not only are their bags made from plastic, but the sign pictured above saying "CAUTION plastic bags are not cool" ... is made from plastic!

Never the less, these climate change profiteers claim their bags are 'eco friendly' because if you re use their bag you don't have to use other plastic bags - but that is true if you simply reuse any plastic bag (or a pillow case).

According to their website (which grotesquely uses kids in their 'green' sales propaganda), they claim to have sold over 380,000 bags, as if this was a good thing, when in fact it is just another mini eco disaster. They estimate that re using their bag will save the use of 1000 plastic bags, and therefore claim to have prevented the use of 380 million plastic bags! This is typical 'greenwash', and nowhere do they admit that their own bag is made from petroleum products. Instead they say it is made from "parachute silk" which sounds fairly good (although most silk is far from eco friendly) - but modern parachutes are not made from silk, they are made nylon , a synthetic product using petroleum products.

In fact the planet would be a lot better off if everyone just reused an already manufactured plastic bag supplied by a supermarket - but then these climate change profiteers would not make any cash. And, if their sales claims are true, so far they could have made over £1 million pounds profit selling their toxic eco con bags at over £6 each.

In an attempt to be friendly (and help save the planet), schmoo suggested that they started making their bags from hemp instead - but as further proof that these people do not really care about the environment - they did not even want to know.

Fact: It is possible to make plastic from hemp oil.
Hemp knickers.

Watch Out - climate change con merchants are operating near you.

paris hilton's safe house 'under siege'

Above: Paris Hilton's 'safehouse' is currently surrounded by a media lynch mob, as she is about to be dragged back to court and possibly back to solitary confinement in the LA County jail torture centre. If they are not careful Paris Hilton will go the same way as Princess Diana - and then they will be sorry.

schmoo says: Hands off Paris Hilton. Rocky Delgadillo should go do his job and catch some real criminals instead of scene creaming on the back of celebs in an obvious attempt to boost his career. L.A. is full of murderers and drug dealers - go pick up the real trash - or is that beneath you?

Meanwhile loads of Paris Hilton supporters are waiting outside the court house and an aeroplane is flying overhead with a banner saying "We Love Paris".

G8? Climate Change? World Poverty? Sooo boring.

Justice for Celebs - Free Paris Hilton

paris hilton still in harms way: no justice for celebs?

Here at the 'schmoo safe house' we are outraged that in just a few hours (9am LA time) poor Paris Hilton could be back in jail! This is not justice!

We agree with the heroic Sheriff Baca who decided to let her serve her punishment at home. He told the LA Times: "Justice is being served by the decision ... She would still be in the county jail if it were not for the medical advice."

"My message to those who don't like celebrities is that punishing celebrities more than the average American is not justice."

Absolutely correct: Justice for Celebs - Free Paris Hilton

paris 'houdini' hilton excapes prison nightmare

schmoo on the run would just like to say how glad we are that Paris Hilton has been released from prison.

No one, even if they are very rich, should be subjected to psychological torture in a tiny claustrophobic cell, with cold food, a horrible mattress and noisy neighbours.

The US prison system is a disgrace to a country that calls itself the 'land of the free'. Hopefully Paris Hilton will now support prisoners rights campaigns.


If all the people who are angry that she has been released really want their pound of flesh perhaps Paris Hilton should be forced to spend the rest of her sentence in the Big Brother house in London - that would be a fair punishment for the most famous woman in the world.

Perhaps Paris could teach the hapless Big Brother Bimbos (and that includes ziggy) a few lessons about the disgrace of fame.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

alternative 2021 london olympic logo

HERE at the gym everyone prefers the official logo to all the alternatives offered by the bbc. But below is the unofficial schmoo 2012 alternative olympics logo:

2012 london

2012 london

2012 london

2012 london

2012 london

Below: This is the alternative 2012 london olymics 'summer of love' raver on acid version:

animated version:: ok for suffers of epilepsy

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

diana documentary: death of a tv channel?

Above: Princess Diana death; sometimes no one can agree.

SECURITY is being increased tonight at the schmoo broadcasting 'safe house' in central London, as packs of media wolves roam the streets, howling for blood, and vultures circle, hoping for death - perhaps the death of Channel Four.

Despite pleas from Prince Harry and Prince William, the rogue TV channel is 'on the run' after refusing to back down from showing film footage for no good reason, which is allegedly of Princes Diana's last living moments, as she allegedly lay dieing, allegedly after an accidental car crash, which allegedly was organised by Prince Philip, but allegedly that is a load of conspiracy rubbish, to make an allegedly 'important' documentary, allegedly in the 'public interest' ... oh sure we believe you .....

schmoo says: if someone wanted to broadcast the death of my mum without my permission, I would want to film their death in a car accident, and then show the film to their children and sell the footage to some lowlife media whores at Channel Four (but I would never dream of actually doing it).

PS: Channel Four is a great TV channel, and the last Big Brother was some of the best TV ever broadcast. Confused? Don't worry try

zipee electric bike: Zero Input of Pollution from Emissions into the Environment

Above: The Zipee electric bike.

Above: The Zipee bike: no road tax or congestion charge.

Above: The Zipee bike: 30 miles per charge.

Above: The Zipee bike goes 20km per hour.

Above: the Zipee bike: seats two, no licence or registration required.

Above: The Zipee bike: ridable on London cycle routes + clean & silent (also very light). To organise a test drive phone 0207 691 1830. (By the way - we loved it!)

paris hilton in solitary

Above: PRISONER 9818783 (Paris Hilton). Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, June 4th, 2007.

Paris Hilton is being held in solitary confinement "for her own protection" at the dreaded 'Century Regional Detention Center' prison for women in Lynwood, Los Angeles. She will be locked a cell less than 100 square feet (12 x 8) for 23 hours a day.

In the mug shot above, released by prison/concentration camp guards yesterday, there may be signs of physical abuse in Paris Hilton's bottom lip; it looks swollen and bruised as if she has been hit in the mouth - or has been biting her lip a lot.

Meanwhile it emerged that under the harsh regime, which some say is worse than a communist prison camp in Siberia during Stalin's rule, Paris will be only getting one hot 'low-sodium' meal a day, and will not be allowed to eat pork or beef - only chicken, and it won't be 'free range' that's for sure.

Here at the 'schmoo safe house' we will be sticking by Paris Hilton during her cruel solitary incarceration in the inhuman American prison system, along with 2 million other poor(er) souls.

Although certainly not up to Papillon's awful 'Devils' Island' experiences, or as great an injustice as Nelson Mandela's imprisonment by the S. African apartheid regime, but Paris Hilton's imprisonment and psychological torture at the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California), will hopefully expose the evil US penal system as the sickness in the heart of America that threatens a major coronary.

No matter how long they lock her up - schmoo will be supporting the wonderful Paris Hilton.

Monday, June 4, 2007

green 'hemp' knickers to save humanity?

Above & Below: Best stall at the Camden Green Fair in Regents Park this week end (of the world) was Green Knickers who now do beautiful 'hemp' knickers.... well actually they are made of 60% hemp, 40% silk, but at least we are 60% towards saving humanity. They also do 100% organic cotton, fair trade 'ethical' knickers ... so thats it, humanity has been saved!

'anarchists' fall for G8 hoax

The activities of the so called 'Left wing Anarchists' who have been filling the headlines with images of violence in the build up to the G8 meeting in Rostock are a sickening betrayal of anarchist values.

The 'black block' thugs attacking the police in Rostock have nothing to do with the ideals of freedom, personal responsibility, peace and natural justice, which are the foundations of anarchism.

Many believe that the protest hijackers, known as the 'black block', who appeared in force during the 1999 Seattle demonstrations, and have since played a key part in ruining major anti capitalist events in Europe, especially London, are actually the creation of the American CIA, designed to utterly discredit anarchism and the left in general.

Over the years, several thousand innocent, well intended but very nieve young people have been suckered into supporting this disgusting perversion of anarchist action which has done nothing but marginalise the anarchist movement in Europe.

This year, to add insult to injury, while the elite of the European macho 'anarchist' thug fraction mass in Rostock, supposedly to 'smash' the G8 capitalists (and be smashed themselves instead), the true action is going on on the other side of Europe - in Istanbul, Turkey.

In fact the G8 is a massive distraction - almost to the point of being a hoax.

While the corporate media booms with anti left, anti progressive headlines, selling violent demonstration 'porn-news' created by a bunch of pseudo 'anarchist' CIA agents, using as their patsies various naive 'anarchist groups' (including several from Britain), which are riddled with infiltrators and agent provocateurs, the rulers of the world have been meeting elsewhere - at the Bilderburg Conference 2007.

brilliant london olympic logo - it grows on you

Above: Colour variations of the excellent new London 2012 Olympic logo launched today. So far it has been heavily attacked by a bunch of philistines. Already 6000 people have signed an online petition against it - so what? Luckily we are not ruled by referendum - because 6000, or even 50 million people can be wrong (and often are).

This logo will grow on people and could end up being one of the most successful Olympic logos ever. Hopefully the organisers will stand firm against the cultural lynch mob. It looks fantastic when it is animated, and I want the tea shirt.

Now part of the animation (an especially good part) has had to be removed, supposedly because it causes epilepsy, and has triggered at least eight seizures and contravenes Ofcom guidelines.

Below: This is the schmoo alternative 2012 london olympic logo:

Below: This is the alternative 2012 london olymics 'summer of love' raver on acid version: