Friday, May 26, 2006

medical cannabis: MP's and Lords join with patients campaigners and experts

MEDICAL cannabis patients, campaigners, and experts plus two MPs went to 10 Downing Street to demand urgent action on Medical Cannabis. Later they met with other MP's, plus Lords and supporters at a packed meeting in the Houses of Parliament.

Above: Medical cannabis campaigners including Labour MP's Paul Flynn and Brian Iddon (Chairman of the 'All Party Parliamentary Drugs Misuse Group') take the issue to 10 Downing Street.

More at 'News of the Weed'

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

medical cannabis: we need the NHS - Natural Healing Service

Above and below: The Natural Healing Service.

Today is going to be busy in Parliament Square. Not only will there be a support demo for Brian Haw (11am), but Medical Cannabis campaigners will be there all day as well (10am -5 pm). They are also going to 10 Downing Street, and having a meeting with MP's in Parliament (Committeee Room 18).

Supporters of the 'Medical Cannabis Awareness Day', organised by the Cannabis Education Trust are calling for cannabis to be supplied free by the NHS to treat pain, MS and many other ailments.

They also want specialist medical 'cannabis clinics' run by experts to be set up, and the end to all prosecutions for the private use of medical cannabis.

Campaigners, including the Cannabis Grandma say these policies could save the NHS millions, if not billions of tax payers cash which currently goes into the pockets of big pharmaceutical 'drug dealers' for drugs that often do not work as well as cannabis.

More at 'News of the Weed'

brian haw: still there today

TWO Banksy paintings worth an estimated £50,000 were arrested and damaged when police stormed Brian Haws peace protest opposite the Houses of Parliament yesterday. Dozens of other art works are also in police custody, as well as two humans, but Brian Haw is still free, and at Parliament Square today.

Above: Brian Haw opposite Parliament last night. He will have been there for five years on June 2nd.

Above: An upset Brian Haw last night - but he is still there, he won't go and shan't go.

Above: Paramilitary debate - Brian Haw and a police woman discussing the new rules last night outside Parliament: a three meter display for protests at Parliament Square is still allowed, but a 'big brother' form has to be filled out - in advance.

Above: Police posse opposite peace protestors, opposite police posse at Parliament Square last night: we will have world peace when we all realise that 'them' is us, and 'us' is them.

Above: One of the valuable Banksy paintings now in police custody, and possibly damaged.

huge hefner in town: playboy's play toy

Above: Pink light zone - Huge Hefner, Playboy magazine publisher was exposing his mobile 'playboy mansion' phallic symbol in London's soho last night. He is not such a bad buy really (just very insecure), so schmoo invited him to come and support Brian Haw and/or the 'medical cannabis awarness day'. Hefner is getting on a bit now so he could probally do with some thc therapy to supplement the tlc from the opposite sex, that he loves so much.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

brian haw: hopefully not the last of the mohicans

Above: Anti war protestor Brian Haw, last week in Parliament Sq.

Brian's display was reduced almost to nothing at about ">3am yesterday morning - but he is still there. Three of his supporters were arrested, and two are still in custody.


There will be a 'noisy gathering' in support of Brian at 11am Wednesday 24 May 2006, to greet Tony Blair as he arrives for Prime Minister's questions.

Last Wednesday the police removed Brian's bell, which he has been regularly ringing out in lieu of the megaphone which is completely banned under SOCPA, because Tony Blair was driving into Parliament for Prime Minister's questions.

This will not be part of Brian's protest (he is only allowed to have 19 supporters with him at any one time), but will be in solidarity with him. There will be some risk of arrest. More info

Bring bells and whistles...


The group of supporters who were staying with Brian had most of their belongings taken away by the police. If you can help out with any of the following items, please take them down to the Square:

• sleeping bags and blankets
• umbrellas
• water
• Nokia phone charger
• car battery and 12v lead with crocodile clips and waterproof box to hold it

Parliament Square Peace Campaign for supporters of Brian Haw and the right to protest:

Also see daily updates at indymedia

'The right to protest: who cares to care? Brian Haw last week: more pictures & text by schmoo

Monday, May 22, 2006

medical LSD: James Bond 007; Licensed To Trip

James Bond actor Sir Sean Connery was 'turned on' to LSD by the radical psychedelic psychiatrist R.D Laing, to help him "spiritually unblock" after filming 'Gold Finger' in 1964, says his ex wife Diane Cilento.

The James Bond star, whose catch phrase was 'stirred not shaken' and had the opposite of the 'hippy look', apparently had a terrible 'come down' after his 'medical LSD' trip, and was in bed for several days afterwards.

Scotland On Sunday has a longish interview with Cilento who is using the story to flog a book:

"This initial trip opened a Pandora's box," she says. "Suddenly, Sean began to remember challenging childhood scenes". These included traumatic experiences - like being caught shop lifting sweets my his mom and being forced to take them back.

Still Sir Sean Connery's medical use of LSD seemed to have helped him - he went on to make many more James Bond films, and is still the definitive article.

R.D. Laing was a great man of his time and did ground breaking work, especially helping sufferers of schizophrenia. He campaigned against electro shock treatment, started the The Philadelphia Association and wrote several excellent books including the 'Politics of Experience', and 'Knots'.
"What we call 'normal' is a product of repression, denial, splitting, projection, introjection and other forms of destructive action on experience. It is radically estranged from the structure of being. The more one sees this, the more senseless it is to continue with generalized descriptions of supposedly specifically schizoid, schizophrenic, hysterical 'mechanisms.' There are forms of alienation that are relatively strange to statistically 'normal' forms of alienation. The 'normally' alienated person, by reason of the fact that he acts more or less like everyone else, is taken to be sane. Other forms of alienation that are out of step with the prevailing state of alienation are those that are labeled by the 'formal' majority as bad or mad."

-R. D. Laing, The Politics of Experience

Sunday, May 21, 2006

fathers 4 Justice: Paul McCartney to join?

Above: Real Fathers 4 Justice demonstration at Westminster Cathedral last Easter.

The word is not only has Fathers 4 Justice reformed, but they have formed another branch; 'Mothers 4 Justice' and may even be forming a 'Coalition of the Willing' with 'Babies 4 Justice'.'

Mean while the Fathers 4 Justice website is currently over its bandwidth limit due to so many people trying to log on after supporters stormed the National Lottery Draw last night.

schmoo is wondering if Paul MaCartney will now be joining after his recent split up. After all Bob Geldof is a supporter (along with 'Bat Man' & 'Super Man'), and 'super star' Paul could be in need of some 'super hero' support.

Fathers 4 Justice founder Matt O'Connor is not going to be leading the 'reborn' campaign as before, but it has been agreed that the campaign is still necessary. It was closed down after a plot by some of it's more extreamist members was revealed - to kidnap one of Tony Blairs children!

Speaking on Radio 4, O'Connor yesterday, said the campaign now included women. He said the 'storming of the lottery' harmed no one and made a boring program a lot more interesting.

Direct action spectaculars by supporters 'Bat Man' and 'Super Man' may continue but they will not be criminal in intent.

According to GQ magazine he is the 92nd most powerful man in Britain.Spiked has an interesting interview with him from last year.

schmoo adds: the best thing parents can do if they split up is be as nice to each other as possible, and keep the lawyers out of the situation at all costs - other wise it will cost them and their children a lot more than cash (but that as well).

This Easter the 'Real Fathers For Justice' climbed up the side of Westmister Cathedral in central London.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

freedom required: young protesting palestinians & anti zionist orthodox jews unite in london march

Above: Young protesting palestinians in London today at a march and rally in Trafalgar Sq.

TODAY it was business as usual for Israeli neo-apartheid in Palestine; assassinations, torture, kidnappings, and now starvation as they try to force 8 million Palestinians into submission by denying them food.

And, while they block imports of food, the Israelies are dumping their toxic waste on the occupied territories.

All sponsored by the USA Corporation (Limited Liability of course), without whose generous donations, none of this would be possible.

Above: Protesting against Israeli racism: in Britain they can expect to go home after this - in Palestine they can expect to get shot. Shame on the Blair government for supporting the neo-apartheid government in Israel.

Above: You can donate £3 to help support young Palestinians in Palestine by sending a mobile text message: PAL to 84858.

Above & right: Orthodox members of 'Jews United Against Zionism' supported the march. They got a big cheer from the crowd as they were introduced by the MC: "a big smack in the faces of those who say we are anti Semitic. We are brothers and sisters." Their Rabbi, Yaakov Weiss said before the march "We see the denial of self-determination of this long suffering people as antithetical to everything the Torah and our faith stands for." He said the Zionists in Israel "have created a garrison state; the most dangerous place on the face of Earth for Jews to live, and they have dragged us into a needless conflict with the Palestinians."

'Jews for Justice for Palestine' spokeswoman Irine Brugel told a cheering crowd in Trafalgar Sq "We are appalled at the attempt of the US and Israel to starve the Palestinians into submission".

Above: Leading Palestinian activist Dr Azzam Tamimi at a packed Trafalgar Sq in London today. He gave an passionate speech. Pointing to a pro zionist sign that read 'Israel is the forfillment of the Bible' he said: "The Bible calls for peace and justice".

Other speakers included the New/Newer Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn who said "There is no greater injustice in this world than the treatment of the Palestinian people."

The event was organised by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

End the Cycle of Violence: The ">'Peace Cycle' London to Jerusalem Bike Ride begins on Sunday 6th August.

Profiting from the Occupation: a people's tribunal to expose the corporations behind the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. Sunday July 2006. (Amnesty Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA). Organised by 'War On Want'.

Bush & Palestine: now is the moment of truth

don't buy kit kat - or you could end up in big brother

Warning: Big Brother is after you!

Don't buy Kit Kat, or accept Kit Kat from strangers - it could be a trap to get you into the 'Big Brother' House of Horrors, and end up with a fate worse than George Galloway.

In fact if you win a 'Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory' style 'Golden Ticket' in a Kit Kat your fate could be a lot worse than George Galloway (and he has still not recovered). You could end up sharing a bed with:

A porn model who claims she has the biggest breast implants in Britain.
An ex Miss Wales who is willing to have sex with anyone for fame. She says has never had sex inside before - only in the garden.
Niki the Pole Dancer "I havent had sex in 6 months 'I'm boiling up'
'Budda Babe - only 25 but looks 55.
'Jobless Lisa': she swears, burps, farts and smokes 30 a day and is looking for love.
• An Indian cross dresser.
• A Toff who claims he knows Prince Harry and Prince William.

Remember: respect yourself, don't take Kit Kat from strangers (including shop keepers), watch out for dirty old Big Brothers, they are out to get you.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Kaotians & Goreans: sub-urban sex slavery cult raided by police

Outside the house in Darlington, Yorkshire (right) looks like a boringly normal suburban dwelling. Inside it is the home of the 'Kaotians' a sex-slave cult based in the north of England with over 350 members.

The 'Kaotians' are a break away 'sub-cult' of the Goreans who base their beliefs on the 'Chronicles of Gor', a series of novels which depict a society where women are dominated, written by American university professor John Norman. There are 25,000 Goreans worldwide who connect with each other on the internet.

The BBC is reporting that police have raided an address in Darlington, Yorkshire (why is it always Yorkshire?), to 'save' a Canadian woman who they thought was being held against her will. They found she was there voluntarily - although she had burnt her passport and return ticket to Canada!

The BBC interviewed Lee Thompson, 31, the "master" who trains the slaves at the Darlington address.

"We're just a group of people that live a different lifestyle, I mean there's nothing wrong with that," he told BBC News. "We don't hurt anyone, we don't damage anyone, everyone's consensual."

"But the majority of women in our organisation are obviously slaves because women have a submissive streak in them."

And we thought the 'Da Vinci Code' was cracked .... when is the next meeting?

• Lee Thompson has told the Northern Echo newspaper that he formed the breakaway Kaotians because the Gorean masters were too harsh on their female slaves. He says Kaotians are more gentle and says he does not believe in hurting "his girls".

Lee told the Echo: "A sad slave is no good at all. I treat them like diamonds."

• The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Mr Thompson, has been banned from one shop in the town for turning up with a girl on a leash.

The Truth behind the Da Vinci Code

Philip Gardiner has written an interesting piece which backs up what schmoo suspected all along: the pope is a representative of the devil on earth.

On July 1st 2006 Gardiner will be hosting the Forbidden Knowledge Conference in Stoke on Trent, UK.

9.11 eyewitness: film evidence that could change history

Above: Film maker Rick Siegel in London. He filmed the 9.11 attack in 'real time' from the other side of the Hudson Rover. His extraordinary film '9.11 Eyewitness', previewed in london yesterday, shows previously unseen footage which strongly suggests the World Trade Towers 'attacks' were in fact a 'controlled demolition' - by the US government.

Some films, like the 'The Da Vinci Code' released this week are just bad films, and will be soon forgotten, along with various failed remakes of 'Tarzan the Ape', except perhaps to be debunked.

Then there are films like the 'new' 9.11 footage of the 'attack' on the Pentagon. This has just released by the US government to 'prove' an airliner was used by terrorists to attack the Pentagon, rather than a missile fired by the US military in a classic 'false Flag' operation, as many people now think. schmoo was 'hit' number 22,328 to view this on - now we are convinced it was a missile!

'9.11 Eyewitness' is altogether in a different league, and goes further than any of the other '9.11' films so far, including the excellent 'Loose Change' (now No 2 on Google Video), in presenting a convincing case against the official 'conspiracy theory' that the World Trade Towers were destroyed by Arab Terrorists.

schmoo attended a preview yesterday which included an excellent introduction by David Shayler, ex Mi5 agent, now working for the rapidly expanding British 9.11 Truth Campaign.

Using forensic analysis of Rick Siegel's original film footage, '9.11 Eyewitness' leaves the viewer in no doubt: 9.11 was not only an 'Inside Job' - it was also a 'Botched Job' which the US government has done it's very best to cover up - and failed.

But the truth is out. You can see it now with your own eyes in this touching and personal film which shows the 9.11 attacks filmed a different angle from anything you may have seen before. This is not Hollywood fluff like the the 'Da Vinci Cod'e, it's not a government 'Tom & Jerry' Pentagon CCTV film - this is the plain and simple, very horrible truth; the US government organised 9.11.

Above: Rick Siegel; "Somethings not right. Somethings not right at all."

• '9.11 Eyewitness' will be showing at the '9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future Education & Strategy Conference June 2-4, 2006 - Chicago, IL.

- -

support palestine demo london saturday may 20th

Palestine has been turned into the biggest 'open' prison in the world - except of course most Palestinians can't get out; they are prisoners in every sense of the word.

And there is the famous Palestinian Prison Lottery; it is a daily game: will you be assassinated by an Israeli hit squad today? It is the only lottery in the world where you can win if you don't play.

Like the UK Lottery there is the Palestinian Prison Lottery 'Thunderbird' option: Palestinian prisoners can expect to have their cell blocks (homes) bulldozed, or become the target of air strikes.

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign reports:

In Gaza, 40% of children suffer from malnutrition because of the Israeli occupation. John Ging, director of UN operations there, said: ‘This is the first time bread has been rationed. There’s no sugar, oil, milk, the basics.’

Since September 2000, over 3,800 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army and settlers, and over 29,000 injured.

Israel is building an Apartheid Wall that, when completed, will annex East Jerusalem and almost half of the West Bank, leaving the Palestinians imprisoned in a series of ghettos.

Over half of the Palestinian population were expelled from their homes in the 1947-49 war, and a second wave of refugees was created in 1967. Today, two-thirds of Palestinians are refugees.

Demonstrate for Palestine, London Sat May 20th: Assemble 12pm/noon on the Embankment for the march. Rally in Trafalgar Square. The Palestinian people deserve your help - do what you can!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

McCartney split gossip: wife said choose between cannabis or me

Heather Mills, Paul Mcartney's ex, demanded that he quit smoking cannabis before she would marry him. She said choose between me or the spliffs.

'Him and (his first wife) Linda smoked it every day for the whole of their lives together,' she said of a relationship that lasted more than 30 years. 'But I would not get married to him if he was taking drugs. I hate it.'

In a widely reported interview at the begining of this year she said "I could not have him lying to our child (they have a two year old daughter, Beatrice) about not taking drugs and then going out for a sneaky puff.'

Apparently she knows a lot about people not telling the truth: Her last ex is reported as saying he found that during their relationship "If she said it was raining I would have to look out the window to make sure it was true."

Ex-Wings member Denny Laine once said that Macca got through an ounce of cannabis a day. In the mid-Nineties, Noel Gallagher was summoned to a party at McCartney's house by Paul's daughter, Stella. According to Oasis insider Ian Robertson, in his book What's the Story?, the door was opened by Paul, who presented the asthmatic Noel with a spliff.

So did he really quit? What were the arguments really about?

schmoo quit cannabis four months ago - it was hard. It is not addictive like tobacco, but the main problem with cannabis is not having any.

Don't worry Paul. 1. You may get back together - then you could really be in trouble. 2. There are plenty of other fish in the sea - as well as sharks.

So far Paul has not denied rumours that he is joining the 'Real Fathers For Justice'.

the right to protest: who dares to care?

Above: Part of Brian Haw's 4 year anti war protest threatened by the law.

Above: Tests show that not even the best washing power can rid the stains of children's blood.

Above: Responsible citizenship = protesting, investigating, whistle blowing, complaining, warning, writing to the newspapers, writing your own newspaper, jumping up and down, screaming, organising demonstrations, and waving fists (but not fist fighting, especially if you are a peace activist).

Above: War is a Bore.

Above: Protesters singing 'Always Think on the Bright Side of Life' in support demo for Brian Haw.

Above: Brian Haw, peace protestor.

schmoo was wrong! We though Brian Haw and his supporters were part of the 'Anti War Coalition' run by the SWP, an authoritarian political cult which jumped on the anti war bandwagon and took it over for their own evil ends. schmoo was wrong! They are not SWP zombies, they are for real. and deserve all the support they get, which includes donations of art work from all over the country; an amazing art protest exhibition.


What we need is a 'protest bunker center' (or maybe hut) built with public cash, on (or under) Parliament Square opposite the Houses of Parliament.

Designed by a top architect, to the highest of specifications, it's purpose would be to serve all the protests and demonstrations that wish to make their points outside the 'Mother of Parliaments'.

Inside the facilities should include a small TV & radio studio, computers with broadband connections, and a small meeting room. Outside should be properly designed exibition display installations, for permanent as well as constantly changing placards, posters, banners etc.

A paid position of 'Parliamentary Protest Coordinator' should be created, and Brian Haw should be the first one! He should be given an annual budget to pay helpers to run the center.

Some 'fundamentalist' comrades will say this is an outrage; how can a serious revolution be organised from a government supported 'Protest Center'? They forget that Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in the comfort of the British Libary.

Still, if the 'Protest Center' was to happen, they could always organise a protest - outside the protest center.

More on the Brian Haw Peace Protest

official site:

Good descriptive piece just posted on indymedia

spam alert: bono virus hits africa; say 'no' to bono

Above: Someone gave George Bush a gun, possibly to shoot himself with. Bono gave George Bush an ipod. Now he is trying to save the world with a credit card called 'red'.


Consumer Warning: Be very inc-red-ulous of Bono. Bono is either inc-red-ibly stupid, inc-red-ibly miss guided, or inc-red-ibly evil. One thing Bono certainly is not is inc-red-able.

Bono thinks shopping will save the world. Shopping will not save the world - not shopping might. Bono is a No-No.

Here at the schmoo safe house the barricades are up - Bono is at it again and we are on full 'bono-spam' alert.

Better dead than bono 'red': Bono should know that the 'red card' is what football refs bring out when they send players off for grossly unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Someone needs to show Bono a red card - he needs sending off.

Red is for radical united social change - not plastic credit. Say "No" to Bono.

Don't buy Bono's plastic! Don't spend your bread with red!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

save rooney's foot campaign: this cannabis cream (thc) could help win the world cup for britain

Above: This jar of 'Hemp Cream' could help win the World Cup for Britain - except for the crazy rules that out law the use of medical cannabis.

Doctors are doing everything they can to speed up the healing process for brilliant goal scoring British football star Wayne Rooney who may not be able to play in the World Cup because of a broken foot.

They are making Wayne Rooney sleep in an oxygen tent, they may be using lazers on him, and if they had access to alien technology they would use it - but they won't use medical cannabis.

Britain's chance to win the world cup could be lost because of a crazy law. If Rooney was to use the cannabis cream he could heal quicker - but fail a drugs test and be out of the world cup anyway.

Meanwhile thousands of people are 'out of life' because of the ban on medical cannabis. It can help MS sufferers stay out of wheel chairs, and help recovery from anti cancer treatments, and off set the side effects of drug treatments for AID's.

The only people who benefit from the ban on medical cannabis are the drug companies selling products that do not work as well.

That is why there is a worldwide campaign to legalise medical cannabis - and why representatives of the campaign in Britain, and medical cannabis users will be meeting MP's on the 24th May to demand urgent action.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

new drugs minister Vernon Coaker: he toked but never coked

Vernon Coaker the new drugs minister really is called Vernon Coaker! And, before anyone asks, he has admitted not taking coke, er ... but claims he was a toker.

more at News of the Weed

chasing chavez: mob worship in london as 'impotent empire" announces arms embargo

The most popular politician in Britain today was ... President Chavez of Venesuela, as 'chavez mania', hit central London, outside the House of Parliament.

But, there are "dark forces" at work, (as the Queen, who Chavez says he loves, once said). While young girls screamed "Chavez!" outside the 'Mother of Parliaments', far away in Washington, the most unpopular politician in the world, President Bush, was announcing a US "arms embargo" of Venezuela. This may, or may definitaly, have something to do with Bush being referred to as "the assassin, guilty of genocide" by the poetic President Chavez.

Above: President Chavez arriving at The Banqueting House, Whitehall, where King Charles 1 was beheaded in 1649. Across the road in 10 Downing St, was Tony Blair who is against the death penalty, despite the fact that Chavez has called him the "friend of Hitler".

Above: President Chavez reacting to what he called the "Imperial abuse" of America. He said the arms embargo was "Insignificant ... an act of desperation by an impotent empire." Basically he can get any amount of arms from China, and he is doing a big arms deal with Iran. So all Bush has done is lose valuable arms contracts for America's industrial military diseased personality complex. And now the US has even less influence in Latin America. Makes you wonder - whose side is Bush on?

Above: President Chavez then invited 50 fans into the Banqueting Hall to hear him speak to 400 top British buisness people - possibly including a few arms dealers. The fans could not believe their luck, and security could not believe it was happening - a typical populist stroke by Chavez!

Chavez spoke brilliantly for two hours none stop, and told the business people that despite what they might think he was very open to working with businesses, and welcomed foreign investment, including from British companies.

Seems Chavez is no fool. He has a short term plan, a mid term plan, and a long term plan - in other words he has been talking to the Chinese!

Watch this space, and the most popular mouth in Latin America. If the Daily Mail hates Chavez - you know he must be good!

• Next stop for President Chavez - Libyia! And Bush just reestablished 'diplomatic relations' with Libyia - there could be trouble ahead!

When John Pilger suggested to Chavez that the US historically had had its way in Latin America, he replied: "Yes, and my assassination would come as no surprise. But the empire is in trouble, and the people of Venezuela will resist an attack. We ask only for the support of all true democrats."

Sunday, May 14, 2006

full frontal chavez: schmoo meets president of venezuela

I was riding up the Euston Road, London, on a bike today (Sunday evening), when I bumped into President Chavez of Venezuela, coming out of a side door from Camden Town Hall.

He was very friendly, and let me take some very close up photographs, and he hung out on the street chatting for a lot longer than his minders, and the cops wanted him to.

The pictures are reasonably ok (considering they were taken with my mobile). As a picture can be worth a thousand insults (or the reverse), the close ups I got may be useful to those trying to work out what sort of person he really is.

My 'gut' impression meeting him was that he was very genuine - although it does look like he may have bad taste in some of his friends.

I thought his scheme to give cheap fuel to poor Americans was a stroke of genius.

But you can't always choose your supporters. Some of the 'SWP' types having multiple orgasms on the street for example, were an embarrasment to London - hopefully President Chavez realises we are not all like that.

Above: President Chaves of Venezuela in London today.

Above: Then he spots schmoo.

Above: President Chavez; every mouth counts and this one certainly seems to be helping to transform Latin America after generations of oppression and exploitation.

Above: President Chavez; speaking out to help change the world for the better after generations of oppression and exploitation.

Above: More mouths needed: President Chaves tells schmoo to keep on blogging ...

Above: President Chaves agrees that Bush is a neighbour from hell.

Above: Ex paratrooper President Chaves gets really pissed off with the noise Bush makes all the time.

Above: President Chaves says Bush should be evicted from the White House for anti social behaviour.

Before arriving in London Chavez speaking in Vienna said that the 'final hours of the North American empire have arrived ... Now we have to say to the empire: "We're not afraid of you. You're a paper tiger."'

Referring to his supply of heating to poor American families last winter, Chavez told a meeting of political supporters: 'I'd like to do the same here in Europe.'

He was addressing an 'alternative summit' held alongside a three-day meeting of leaders from the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean in the Austrian capital. 'I want to humbly offer support to the poorest people who do not have resources for central heating in winter and make sure that support arrives,' he said.

* A Public meeting at Friends Meeting House tomorrow (Monday 15th) has been cancelled. Apparently the reason given is that too many people wanted to come, but we are checking it out, seems strange.

Above: President Chavez speaking at the meeting organised by London Mayor Ken Livingstone. (Picture by 'squince')

Above: President Chavez and Ken Livingstone (Thanks to 'squince' for sending in the pictures).

Controversy is growing about the cancellation of the meeting at the Friends Meeting House - more soon when we work out what is going on.

Interesting anti-chavez piece in the Sunday Times + Hugo Chavez isn’t Che Guevara + Chavez Offers Oil to Europe's Poor + Ken Livingstone on Chavez

Saturday, May 13, 2006

steven colbert: still top blog search

'Steven Colbert' is still in the top 10 searches at Technorati, which in a way is a bit sad considering how many more important things are going on.

schmoo has a theory that Bush may actually script his 'gaffs' because it is better to have people wanting to laugh at you than spitting. Better a 'pot shot' by a satirical photoshop artist using a mouse, than by a sniper using a gun. Considering how much Bush and his fellow gang members are robbing the American people (and how many guns everyone has in the US), he is far better off being the 'fall guy' for some jokes in 'virtual reality', rather than a 'dead guy' - for real.

People feel 'subversive' laughing at Bush - but maybe they are just being 'submissive' .

A google search for 'revolution' is not very liberating either, and unless the Democrats get their act together (fat chance), the laughing at Bush will almost certainly turn into tears as America decends into economic collapse and civil war.

• English is no longer the main language used in the blogosphere according to Technorati - it's Japanese (37%), then English (31%), then Chinese (17%).

london demo: medical cannabis on the menu, Weds 24th May


A day of medical cannabis action is confirmed for Weds 24th May 2006 to raise awareness of the issues and injustices facing medical cannabis users, growers and their friends and relatives in the UK.

A Petition will be delivered to Downing St at 1pm by a group which includes a Grandmother who self-medicates by adding cannabis to her food (Cannabis Grandma), an MS sufferer, the founder of a clinic dispensing cannabis-based creams and tinctures, an organic medical cannabis grower, and a human-rights lawyer.

The organisers, the Cannabis Education Trust have also arranged a room inside the Parliament Building (Committee Room 18), where there will be a press conference at 3pm.

Campaigners are calling for the government to give GW Pharmaceuticals the go ahead to distribute Sativex in Britain, for the establishment of 'Medical Cannabis Clinics', and for the end of prosecutions of people using and growing cannabis for medical purposes.

more information

Friday, May 12, 2006

mogadishu, somalia: islamist milita spend the day fireing mortar barrages at war lords

The bbc world service is reporting heavy fighting continuing today in mogadishu - apparently fueled by the widespread belief that the Americans are backing the alliance of 'war lords'

bbc report: Has the 'war on terror' reached Somalia?

cool new google stuff

Above: Logo for interesting new google service: google trends.

This brilliant new google service gives search results in a time line/search volume/news volume graph, which is surprisingly useful. The excellent Micro Persuasion blog (exploring effects of "social software") has list of 25 things learned using Google Trends; No 25 is: Google is Bigger than God

Meanwhile erica joy a google employee (hope she does not get the sack) has posted some screenshots on Flickr of yet another useful google service 'Google Notebook', due to be launched next week. It looks like it will compete head on with which is a brilliant service, but suffers from being a bit slow.

The always informative Techcrunch also has some of the screen shots, plus interesting comments and information about Google Notebook which looks so good, it could make Google shares even more valuable than they are already.

Google Coop is another excellent Google idea, which is often forgotten about. It offers a way to share expertise - and of course, 'google' for it.

Meanwhile if you are sick of googling it, you can always - using a psychic 'mirth engine' recently 'beta launched' by schmoo.